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According to Gibson’s company, Icon Productions, the film “depicts the last twelve hours of Christ’s life on earth.”

Mel Gibsons Passion of the Christ - Deception In The Church

Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ": An International Hoax

Gibson maintains that during the time of Christ, the Jews spoke Aramaic and the Romans spoke Latin.
Edgar Knowlton said of Mel Gibson's "The Passion":"The use of Latin, rather than the Greek koine for that part of the Roman Empire seems not to be authentic. Pilate would have spoken Latin at home, but Greek to non-Romans. Christ would have spoken Aramaic at home, but Greek with non-Jews". Clyde McMorrow comments: "The translator, Fr. Fulco, did discuss this issue and mentioned that it was possible that Greek would have been used, but that they choose to stick with Latin and Aramaic. It must be remembered that "The Passion" is a work of art based upon accounts related in another work of art "the Bible". Neither was intended to be a documentary".

Edgar Knowlton says: "The use of Latin, rather than the Greek koine for hat part of the Roman Empire seems not to be authentic. Pilate would have spoken Latin at home, but Greek to non-Romans. Christ would have spoken Aramaic at home, but Greek with non-Jews. Of course, we have no recordings. I recall in an earlier posting reference to the five vowels of Italian, but actually Italian students have to distinguish seven vowels, including close and open e and o, to keep apart pesca, 'he fishes,' from pesca, 'peach,' or fosse, '(if he) were' from fosse, 'ditches' or torre, 'tower' from torre, 'to take away.' Spanish might have the same pronunciations of e and o but not used to distinguish words, cf. en el libro, con el libro, vs. en Madrid con Mario, where the vowel sounds of the first vowel in each phrase may differ in accordance with what follows. So that these phonetic distinctions are difficult for foreigners and might depend on region, social status, speed of utterance, etc,. Impressionistically, I have felt that Italian was closer to Latin than other Romance languages, but I have no knowledge of Sardinian which is supposed to be more archaic. We must also recall Venus's praise of Portuguese for preserving Latin, which they spoke 'com pouca corrupcao.' presumably at the time of Vasco da Gama. As you note, Church Latin varies from country to counry. Recently I noted the beauty of the blind tenor's Latin in a Bocellli TV concert of religious music from Rossini, Verdi, etc. and suspect it might be more nearly authentic than the Latin of singers from the United States or Germany. And much would depend on flair for language". RH: Apparently Fr. William Fulco, cited by Clyde McMurrow, overlooked the whole issue of the use of Greek koine.

In Germany

Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion’: Most offensive film ever made

And why has not one of the alleged “Christian” reviewers of “The Passion of the Christ” mentioned these appalling facts?
Nor will fundamental Christians escape, for the Gospel is undergoing redefinition and Biblical Christianity is being transformed into “Gnostic Christianity.” Remember, no one in Gibson’s film comes off looking good––neither the Jews, nor the Romans, not even the Apostles, whom Christ chose to carry His Gospel to the world.


Mel Gibson Reveals Title for “Passion of the ..

Gibson's company held early screenings of the film in churches led by pastors renowned in Christian circles for pioneering evangelization techniques.
(The Merovingian’s disgruntled wife is played by the pulchritudinous Monica Bellucci, who gets a small but seductively significant moment.) It seems the Merovingian...has under his control a guy called the Keymaker (Randall Duk Kim), who can offer Neo and friends access to secret back passages that lead outside the Matrix but aren't in the so-called real world either.”

The book, The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ by St Anne Catherine Emmerich, suggests that Jews organised ‘blood money’ for the Crucifixion - paying people to clamour for Jesus’s death to sway Pontius Pilate - and that His cross was constructed on the orders of the Jewish high priest.” Predictably, the Anti-Defamation League raised a major ruckus:

The original Passion of the Christ was funded ..

Three of the actresses who have key roles in this film are not only internationally renowned actresses, they are hardcore pornography stars! Monica Bellucci, who plays Mary Magdalene in Gibson’s “Passion” movie, is quite the rage as a European porn queen as well as “one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood” (according to one fan site).

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Christopher Jones writes: "You asked for reaction to Mel Gibson's "Passion" in other countries. I am sending a BBC article about the reaction by Jewish German leaders to the film's premier in Germany. I have seen the film denounced on ZDF television by a female moderator, and there is a steady flow of pro-Jewish, books, reviews,TV shows etc completely disproportionate to the Jewish population of the country.

Germany wary of Passion reaction: German Jewish leaders and church officials have warned that "The Passion of the Christ" may stir up anti-Semitism when it opens in the country. Mel Gibson's film will be shown in 400 German cinemas from Thursday. "The anti-Semites will only have their views on Jews confirmed," said Salomon Korn, vice president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany. German Protestant leader Wolfgang Huber said the film did not put Christ's suffering into proper perspective.

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RH:Linda is quite right. Mexican Catholicism is a strange syncretism of Spanish and Aztec religion. In Spain, Unamuno wrote about Catholicism's tragic sense of life, and wrote a poem on the crucified Christ. "Sangre de Cristo" and the Portuguese "cinco chagas" stress this bloody aspect of Christianity-

Rob Gaudet says: "Mel Gibson's "The Passion" is a great film. It is the closest thing to a pilgrimage that most Americans will ever make. It is no coincidence that the entire movie spans the Roman Catholic tradition of the fourteen stations of the cross, from Jesus's condemnation in front of Pontius Pilate to his tomb. I did not realize these fourteen stations were the brackets of the movie until I watched it, and then it became obvious. Contemporary pilgrims to Jerusalem (where I lived/studied for one year) can still walk along the fourteen stations of
the cross through the Old City of Jerusalem. The whole point of the proceeding is to remember Jesus's struggle in the name of God and to meditate on the lessons which it has for us today. Very few Americans will venture to Jerusalem in this day-and-age, but millions have already seen Gibson's movie. It is a modern-day pilgrimage for the world to make in the manner to which they are most accustomed to viewing the world...from an armchair. To the extent that Gibson's movie takes an ancient concept (ie pilgrimage) and re-packages it in a modern medium (ie
cinema), it is pure genius". RH: One need not be a Christian to be moved by Christ's passion. The film's worldwide impact will be enormous, and I look forward to reports on its reception in different countries.

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