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How many of the 20th century's greatest engineering achievements will you use today
The great thing about these inventions, regardless of who was first, is that these creations made life easier and better quality for everyone. These accomplishments are impressive when you think about how much effort and energy went into each creation and the hardships along the way.

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Antibiotics really began to take off in the 1870’s when science really began to dabble in it. Ever since that point, we have developed cures to diseases and create antibiotics that have kept people safe from infections that otherwise would have killed them. The benefit for this invention is simple: it has allowed a greater number of people to live for a longer period of time. With antibiotics, we have greatly reduced the chances of dying from an illness and the best part is that technology is only getting better every day.


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Greatest “Russian” inventions? Nope, how about inventions, mostly in the USA, by people who IMMIGRATED from your country, during the communist revolution? Oh, and first rifle? I think the descendants of John Browning might laugh at that one, since he made the rile well before the turn of the century. Does the Winchester rifle ring a bell?

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Even though the human species is not alone in regards to using tools, we have definitely gone above and beyond in the technological aspect of our race. The use of our inventions has taken us a long way. They’ve allowed us to land on the moon, travel over oceans, and even eliminate major health threats with various medicines. Below, we are going to talk about the top 10 greatest inventions ever made.