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Great quotes from White House incumbents: will Donald Trump be joining them?

List of the Greatest Minds of All Time, throughout history

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A list of some famous thinkers of the past, and the great thinkers of today
British geniuses feature heavily in a 2007 list that notes the greatest living thinkers of our time - proportionately more than any other country.

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The top 100 living geniuses was compiled by a panel of six experts in creativity and innovation from Creators Synectics, a global consultants firm.


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CNN is honoring the visionaries whose ideas are shaping our future by highlighting 10 of our favorite thinkers in science and technology. These are people who have shoved conventional wisdom aside and are changing the world with their insights and innovations.

We consulted our colleagues and examined a range of fields to assemble our list. They come from different countries, backgrounds and disciplines, but all our honorees are actively working to make an impact for the greater good. Their ideas run a wide gamut, from making the world more energy efficient to using data to fight disease to finding new ways to continue humanity's quest into outer space.

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News of the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs on Oct. 5, 2011, has been received with sadness, admiration and gratefulness for a man considered a "creative genius" who "changed the world" in many ways. In addition to Jobs, plenty of great minds have challenged paradigms, opened windows into worlds we didn't even know existed, and produced innovations that have persisted through time. Here's a look at the world's titanic thinkers, from Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein to Stephen Hawking.

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"Greatness" does not always mean "goodness." Among the great men in this book are some who left a blank mark on world history. Shi Huangdi, Emperor of China in the third century BC, ruled his empire ruthlessly. Death was the only punishment for disobeying his laws. Peter the Great, Tsar of Russia, had his son tortured to death for treason... These, and others whose stories have a dark side, have been included because, for good or evil, they left their mark on the age they lived in.

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Jules Michelet Greatest French historian of his time, whose blistering account of the French revolution dwelled on the importance of emotions, myths and symbols; he championed the cause of “the people”, arguing that history is decisively shaped by the interventions of the masses.

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"Science is the way -- a powerful way, indeed -- to studythe natural world. Science is not particularly effective -- in fact, it'srather ineffective -- in making commentary about the supernatural world. Bothworlds, for me, are quite real and quite important. They are investigated indifferent ways. They coexist. They illuminate each other. And it is a great joyto be in a position of being able to bring both of those points of view to bearin any given day of the week. The notion that you have to sort of choose one orthe other is a terrible myth that has been put forward, and which many peoplehave bought into without really having a chance to examine the evidence. I cameto my faith not, actually, in a circumstance where it was drummed into me as achild, which people tend to assume of any scientist who still has a personalfaith in God; but actually by a series of compelling, logical arguments, manyof them put forward by C. S. Lewis, that got me to the precipice of saying,'Faith is actually plausible.' You still have to make that step. You will stillhave to decide for yourself whether to believe. But you can get very close tothat by intellect alone."