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Exhibitions on a range of topics offer firsthand experiences with treasures of American history.
The content of instruction in the common school, beyond which few students went, consisted of the material in a relatively small number of books: assorted arithmetic, history, and geography texts, Webster's 'American Spelling Book', and two new books that appeared in 1836--the 'First' and 'Second' in the series of 'McGuffey's Eclectic Readers'.

Early History of Japanese Music

The pupils studied history, philosophy, arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy, but the basis of the curriculum was the study of Greek and Roman literature.


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When I read your blog I thought about one culture that is similar to that of the African cultures in the fact that they use their songs in some of the same ways. Like when you stated that people in the African culture use this music/dancing for ceremonies, war times, religious and death ceremonies, and even agricultural activities; these all reminded me of some of the Native American traits that we discussed in class. Like this Native American rain dance.

The next example is of the Zanla Forces War Songs. ZANU is the Zimbabwe African National Union, the political wing of the Maoist faction of the majority-rule movement in Zimbabwe in the 1970s; the militant wing being ZANLA, the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army. They and ZAPU—the Zimbabwe African People’s Union, the Soviet backed faction (with its Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army, ZIPRA)—used song to stir up the masses. These are songs of the struggle. This LP, recorded in the soldier camps sometime in the 1970s, most likely in Mozambique, contains folk songs, church songs and European choral music with the words changed to spread the revolutionary message. The idea was to use songs familiar to the people, allowing for easy teaching. Most songs are purely vocal, since instruments were not widely available in the soldier’s camps. (Zanla Forces War Songs) This particular song of the Zanla Forces War Songs, has an antiphony vocal texture as well. The hand clapping in the background creates a faster beat.

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Music has traditionally played an important role in African culture. It is essential in representing the strong African heritage and its importance can be seen in many aspects of the culture. Unlike many cultures today, ancient African cultures encompassed music into their everyday lives. Dance, story-telling and religious practices are all grounded on the music of the culture.(History of African Music)