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Proverbs 30:8 - Remove falsehood and lies far from me. Don't see how close to error you can get; stay from lying.

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10 Absolute Giveaways That Someone Is Lying To You

And this video is about the difference between blood sugar and insulin
They have been known to. Koko, the gorilla taught sign language, once blamed her pet kitten for ripping a sink out of the wall, but it’s us humans who are the true masters of the art. According to Pamela Meyer, a social media expert, we are living in a “post-truth society”. Those Facebook friends of yours, for example? Just how real are they? Lying, she says, is the bridge between reality and our fantasies, between who we are and who we want to be.

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If you are a habitual liar and have decided that it is time to stop there are ways to stop lying. The following tips will help you take back your life.
Lying is manipulation, so if a person is a manipulator and gets caught lying, they are most likely going to keep manipulating. They may tell more lies to cover their lies, or manipulate by playing the victim. They may try to find things other people have done that they see as worse and try to make people focus on that. What they will have a hard time doing is facing the truth (which would be the easiest way out of their dilemma. It’s just that they don’t know how to do it. (They’re survivors, scrappers and have learned to cheat to stay alive socially.)


Do you have voices in your head

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I don’t think liars mean to hurt the person they are lying to. I just wish they could take a step back and see how much it hurts, its hard to trust ANYBODY after being lied to so much by a loved one.

I loved my girlfriend so much. I still do, but I can feel the light fading and its because of the lies she has told me. You are so right when you are talking about lying ruining the connection.
I found out (later in the relationship) about lies my girlfriend had told me earlier in the relationship. All the nice, happy times and all the ‘heart-felt’ moments shared are all tainted. You feel like a fool, like you’re being kept in the dark for some reason.
When you confide in somebody and share your deepest secrets and your love with them and they lie to you – you know that the first thing on their mind was themselves and not their love for you. They may well believe that they love you, however their idea of love is clearly very different from mine.

What does the Bible say about Lying

Thank you for being so honest. In high school I had a problem with lying or exaggerating the truth to make myself look better or make my life easier at the time. When my parents found out about my dishonesty they made me apologize to them, my siblings, and personnally visit each of my friends to ask for their forgiveness and accountability. I didn’t expect anyones trust, and to be honest, I was angry with my parents for making me go through the humiliation of apologizing to 30+ people but they were (and still are) much wiser that I am. I have wonderful relationships with my siblings and friends from the time and they have told me how much that apology meant to them and earned their respect and eventually their trust.

Ethical Terms: Amoral, Nonmoral, and Immoral

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I watched both CNN and MSNBC’s big anti-Trump hatchet jobs (the things I do). I never knew what a cool badass Flynn was. Rachel Maddow’s show basically revolved around making it look like Christopher Steele probably had most, if not all of it right. They didn’t say anything detailed about Trump getting pissed on, just implied Trump did dirty crap. Practically every one of the talking heads making commentary on the show were lefty Jews. These creeps can’t stand Trump since so many Whites are digging the guy.