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News and Information about Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Electric Storage Technologies.

materials and components with hydrogen fuel cell technology

Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies for heating: A review

At the forefront of research for these power sources are hydrogen fuel cells.

Hydrogen holds the promise of solving our transportation fuel needs for the future. This section explore some of the research into how we can use hydrogen in vehicles and produce power from fuel cells.

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Fuel cells are the devices with which Hydrogen is made into electricity.
The California Fuel Cell Partnership maintains a map of all hydrogen fueling stations planned and in operation in California. You may search the for the closest hydrogen fueling station using your ZIP code.


Renewable Hydrogen Technologies - 1st Edition - Elsevier

08/16/2007: Murphy tours Ivyland fuel cell research facilities – Newton Advance, August 16, 2007, by Peter Ciferri.
One of the main hurdles in the field of hydrogen car research is the development of a good fueling system. Professor Issam Mudawar along with his research team has

The three aspects of this scientific breakthrough are the fuel cells, hydrogen production, and hydrogen storage.
A new hydrogen car was unveiled in London, UK by Riversimple. This Riversimple Urban Car (RUC) is powered by fuel cells. These fuels cells combine hydrogen with oxygen from

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vehicles and vehicles both use hydrogen as fuel. California currently has 13 research hydrogen fueling stations, 9 public stations and an additional 18 that have been funded and are expected to be operational in the next few years.

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The fuel cell is supplemented by a bank of supercapacitors – extremely fast-charging batteries – that supply four wheel-mounted electric motors with additional power for acceleration. An innovative regenerative braking system captures most of the energy wasted during braking, putting it back into the supercapacitors. When combined with the fuel cell, Spowers says, that lets the Rasa achieve the equivalent of more than 250 miles per gallon. Running on hydrogen from renewable sources, that would make it a contender for the most sustainable car in the world.

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Power+Energy is an active player in hydrogen technologies and has earned some positive press attention over the years. See below our hydrogen technology company news:

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Its chassis is carbon fibre, and it uses low-rolling resistance wheels. Every part has been painstakingly engineered for lightness; the lower the weight, the less energy required. The car can do 0-60mph in 10 seconds – – and has a range of around 300 miles. But it does that on just 1.5kg of hydrogen, using a tiny 8.5kW fuel cell. Toyota’s hydrogen car, the Mirai, uses 5kg to achieve the same range.

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discusses the existing and planned hydrogen fueling infrastructure complementing the market introduction of fuel cell electric vehicles in California. Policymakers and auto manufacturers recognize that California needs to build throughout the state by 2017 to support the early commercialization of FCEVs.