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Other students who received eight Ivy League acceptance letters are immigrants themselves.

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Title III: Language Instruction for English Learners and Immigrant Students
Related to bilingual language development, immigrant youth are best supported when schools foster bicultural identities, enabling them to navigate multiple cultural worlds effectively. All children in the 21st century need to learn to cross cultural boundaries, whether ethnic, racial, age, geographic, or other boundaries. While immigrant youth inevitably must navigate multiple cultures, many schools and districts have yet to develop strategies for supporting this “cultural straddling,” as sociologist Prudence Carter calls it. Instead, classrooms in the U.S. tend to be incredibly focused on the United States. Simultaneously, immigrant youth enter into a highly racialized society in the United States. The more work schools can do to improve race relations and attenuate stereotypes and stereotype threat based on immigration status, ethnicity, and race, the more immigrant youth and their U.S.-born peers will thrive.

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Narratives can help students consider the systemic effects of Mexican immigration through an empathetic lens. Suggested assignments include:
Mexican emigration is not a new phenomenon; it has been happening for centuries. But in the past fifteen years, the rate of immigration to the United States from rural Mexico has accelerated dramatically, even doubling by some accounts (Pew Hispanic Center 2005). The United States has not loosened control of the southern border, which is more militarized than ever. But military might cannot guard against the economic effects of initiatives like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Originally touted by free trade proponents as a move that would boost Mexico's economy and end immigration, this 1994 agreement has had the opposite effect, leading to the devastation of the rural Mexican economy. With food prices doubling, Mexican farmers and small businesses have been displaced, unable to compete with subsidized American agribusiness and corporate clout.


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The Houston Independent School District has been using dual language for 21 years and has had success with its students, officials said.
One by one Monday, Memphis students who arrived in the U.S. as undocumented immigrant children pulled placards from around their necks and deposited them in a waiting coffin: "Future nurse," "future crime scene investigator," "future FBI agent."

There are about 45,000 students in El Paso who are classified as English language learners, which means English is not their first language. It is this cohort of students that state officials say must be properly educated for Texas to succeed.

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We must recognize and respect the important and numerous contributions of migrant families to the country's economy, culture, and diversity. An informed, active citizenry and an educated workforce are the pillars of our democracy and our economy, and so we must engage in a concerted effort to address the many and significant challenges keeping too many of our migrant students from reaching their potential. We must look forward to telling a different story twenty years from now.

(ELLs) who were immigrant and/or migrant students

Julie Sugerman, policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute’s National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy, focuses on issues related to immigrant and English language learner students in elementary and secondary schools.

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USC’s Shaun R. Harper finds that among 65 leading universities, black male athletes continue to graduate at lower rates than other student-athletes, black non-athletes and undergraduates in general.

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The Trojan Debate Squad, USC’s oldest chartered student organization, is gaining momentum. It teaches critical analysis and reasoned argument during era of trolls and “fake news.”