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Maintaining adequate immunization rates in public and private schools is critical to preventing disease outbreaks and ensuring the health of Texas children.

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Since religious/philosophic exemptions from immunizations endanger not only the health of the unvaccinated individual, but also the health of those in his or her group and the community at large, the AMA
(1) encourages state medical associations to seek removal of such exemptions in statutes requiring mandatory immunizations;
(2) encourages physicians and state and local medical associations to work with public health officials to inform religious groups and others who object to immunizations of the benefits of vaccinations and the risk to their own health and that of the general public if they refuse to accept them; and
(3) encourages state and local medical associations to work with public health officials to develop contingency plans for controlling outbreaks in exempt populations and to intensify efforts to achieve high rates in communities where groups having religious exemptions from immunizations reside.(CSA Rep. B, A-87; Reaffirmed: Sunset Report, I-97)

K.N.O.W. Vaccines | FAQ: Religious Exemption

Vaccine Exemption Vaccine Exemption For Children Enrolled in School - Immunization of School Pupils Act. Under the Immunization of Schools Pupils Act, parents/guardians may decide - for medical, religious or philosophical reasons - not to immunize their child.
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A request for a religious exemption from immunization requirements must be presented to the facility/school on the Department of Health’sReligious Exemption From Immunization(DH 681 Form). The Form is issued ONLY by county health departments and ONLY for a child who is not immunized because of his/her family’s religious tenets or practices. Religious exemption from immunization requirements is located at: .


Immunization & Vaccine Preventable Diseases

CDC data for 2005–2011 show an increase in the rate at which children are exempted from school immunization requirements. Rates of nonmedical exemption were higher in states where grounds for exemption are broader and required administrative procedures are less difficult.
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We computed the annual change in the rates of nonmedical exemptions from school immunization requirements and compared these rates between states that allow philosophical exemptions and states that allow only religious exemptions. We also compared states with respect to how difficult it is to obtain nonmedical exemptions because of certain administrative procedures. We used data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for school years 2005–2006 through 2010–2011. State-specific categories of difficulty in obtaining exemptions were based on several factors: whether completion of a standardized form was permissible, as opposed to a letter from a parent; where the parent obtained the form (i.e., school vs. health department); whether the form had to be notarized; and whether a letter from a parent, if required, needed to be worded a specific way, resulting in extra effort on the part of the parent.

Forms (things to fill out) Certificate of Immunization/Exemption: Certificate of Immunization Status (Dec
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(2) When a parent, guardian, or adult who has the responsibility for the care and custody of a minor seeking to attend school or the person seeking to attend school, if an adult, files with the governing authority a written statement signed by a physician licensed to practice medicine in any jurisdiction of the United States or Canada stating that the physical condition of the person seeking to attend school or medical circumstances relating to the person indicate that some or all of the required immunizations are not considered safe and indicating the specific nature and probable duration of the medical condition or circumstances that contraindicate immunization, the person is exempt from the requirements of this part to the extent indicated by the physician's statement.

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3. Omer SB, Pan WK, Halsey NA, et al. Nonmedical exemptions to school immunization requirements: secular trends and association of state policies with pertussis incidence. ;296:-

Oregon Health Authority (OHA) - State of Oregon

As with all childhood immunizations, medical and religious exemptions are recognized in our state, and because the administration of hepatitis B vaccine at birth is recommended, but not mandated by state law, some parents may choose to defer immunization until a later time."

"...hepatitis B vaccine at birth is recommended, but not mandated by state law..."

Some states require Prophylaxis against Gonococcal OPHTHALMIA NEONATORUM.

A discussion of medical and legal issues regarding Silver Nitrate in the eyes of the newborn is here:

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