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But what about the philosophical beliefs of thousands of incarcerated pregnant women (PDF) across the United States?

To support moms being there for their kids from behind bars, give .

To support the fight for LGBT women to become moms, give .

WMC Speech Project is dedicated to raising public and media awareness about online harassment.
OPEN, INC., a small, nonprofit organization founded in Dallas, TX, in 1979, develops educational materials and programs that are used by correctional agencies to help offenders prepare to live as law-abiding citizens.
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. Time Dollars are a new, tax-exempt kind of money. People can convert their personal time into purchasing power by helping others and by rebuilding family, neighborhood, and community. An hour spent helping another earns one Time Dollar.
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To support moms safely bringing their babies into the world, give .

WMC Live with Robin Morgan is a weekly radio show and podcast in 110 countries around the globe.
National Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities is a membership organization representing individuals and programs dedicated to the professional delivery of treatment and case management services to substance abusing populations.
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Aside from the physical pain that shackling can cause, it is also emotionally brutal.
Estimates suggest that parents make up a large segment of the prison population in the United Sates, and parental incarceration affects the whole family. For children of incarcerated parents, separation is painful and can be detrimental to their development. Effective parenting programs in prisons can be beneficial to the incarcerated parents, their children, and society. This study surveyed 745 state prisons to gather data on their parent populations and their prison parenting programs. Findings indicate significant differences by gender of prison population and program structures.

., & . (2002). Prison parenting programs: A national survey. , 1(1), 57-74.
For low-income moms, the cost of diapers can be a heavy burden. In fact, because they often don’t have enough money to buy in bulk, on diapers as other families who can buy bulk.

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Newman’s Own provides grant opportunities that can be applicable to nonprofit community and faith-based organizations addressing reentry. Eligible charities must be U.S. organizations with an IRS 501(c)(3) designation. Schools, hospitals, and other public institutions are also eligible.
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Hernia After C-Section: Symptoms and Treatment

This Mother’s Day, let’s honor moms all over — including those who might wish they had more to offer their kids. Here are ways to lend a hand: Contents1 1. Support Mothers Who Can’t Afford Diapers 2 2. Support Teen Moms In Need3 3. Help Incarcerated Mothers Spend Time With Their Kids4 4. Give LGBT Moms […]

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The National Juvenile Detention Association exists exclusively to advance the science, processes, and art of juvenile detention services through the overall improvement of the juvenile justice profession.
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The National Commission on Correctional Health Care’s mission is to improve the quality of health care provided in jails, prisons, and juvenile confinement facilities.
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HERNIA SYMPTOMS: Symptoms which may suggest the …

The Justice Research and Statistics Association is a national organization of State Statistical Analysis Center directors, analysts, researchers, and practitioners.
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