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Table 3 Most Effective Technologies Currently Integrated into the Classroom by Faculty

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Collaboration technologies. Although occasionally used in class, the 108 mentions of technologies used for collaboration were primarily described as supplements or extensions to the classroom experience. Some of these technologies were used as tools for students and faculty to have real-time, synchronous collaboration outside the typical classroom environment through real-time creation and editing of documents, as well as working together through videoconferencing such as Skype and chat. Most of these collaborative technologies, however, were used as asynchronous tools for collaboration. Using these tools students and faculty were able to share thoughts, ideas, and conversations back and forth through discussion boards, blogs, wikis, , and email/voicemail. They were also able to use knowledge sharing tools like , , and hashtagging in other tools such as Twitter to identify, as they worked, the resources they found to be interesting and useful.

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Table 4 Technologies planned for the classroom within 1 year and if money, time and expertise were not a factor.
1. Get smart and get involved. "Talk with RFID experts, attend trade shows, and network with people who have been through an RFID implementation," advises Vag of Newell Rubbermaid. Because "the best way to gain knowledge is to do it," Vag suggests purchasing an RFID test kit to gain experience using RFID with your products in your environment.


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Use of RFID technology is expected to grow as RFID tag costs drop, standards are adopted, and the technology's benefits become more established. Most companies implementing RFID will need to integrate the technology with their existing bar-code technology.

Suppliers to retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target are integrating new RFID technology into existing operations to meet their customers' RFID compliance standards.

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This project is just one step towards assisting faculty in effectively integrating technology into their teaching. Faculty and others on campus will benefit from additional research such as, (1) gathering examples and more richly described stories from faculty that can serve as inspiration for others. There are many more ways, big and small, that faculty use technology in the classroom in addition to the 120 stories collected in this study. (2) Faculty would also benefit by hearing examples of how others are using technology to support learning in specific disciplines. (3) It is likely there are reasons faculty are not integrating technology into their teaching, or not integrating technology as effectively as they would like into their teaching. Understanding these reasons and barriers will make it easier to minimize or eliminate them.

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Many companies have their technology vendor train the entire staff, but a train-the-trainer approach—where the systems vendor trains super users, who then train other users—is also effective. This approach transfers the knowledge to the company, and ensures that it has the in-house capacity to train new users in the future.