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And this is really the irony of Jaguars for sale with American V8 engines! A number of series XJs have been “lumped” with V8s supposedly to solve reliability problems when in fact the only thing to fix should have been the mechanic’s own ignorance The engine is rarely the problem but the accessories, wiring, etc are; and pushing a cheap V8 on an unsuspecting customer is easier Lumped Jaguars are worth next to nothing because of the usually poor quality conversion and loss of originality and character.. The V12 or XK engines are very much the part of the car’s soul.

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1972 would be the year Jaguar launched the XJ12, once again setting new standards in motoring by combining the elegant lines and luxury of the XJ6 with the smoothness and power of its new V12 engine, introduced a year before in the E-type. Using the same 4 Strombergs carburettors found in the E-type (fuel injection would not come to the V12 until the XJS in 1975), it developed 255hp and a whopping 300lb/ft of torque... The XJ12 is Sir William Lyons final achievement before his retirement that same year and the numbers speak for themselves: faster production four seater in the world at 140 mph and 0-60 times of under 7.5 seconds. The XJ12 had no match even though Jaguar's competition was starting to catch up, a task made even tougher with the introduction of the Series 2 XJ in 1973.


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Under the bonnet, an inline 6 was still powering the car but it was an all new engine: the fuel injected AJ6 launched a couple of years earlier in the XJS. With dual overhead cams and 4 valves per cylinder, the 3.6 Litre engine delivered 221 hp; more power, better fuel efficiency and less emission than the venerable XK engine could. The suspension was revised, with conventional outboard brakes in the rear and a new self leveling hydraulic system. The interior was all new, with a completely revised and modern dash featuring what would become a trade mark for Jaguar, the J-Gate shifter. The car’s tapered lines still meant that passenger and luggage space was still lacking.

During the XJ40 development phase, Jaguar designers feared that British Leyland would impose use of the Rover V8 engine in the new saloon and made sure that the car was designed in such a way that a V engine could not be fitted. As a result, there was no way to fit the V12 without extensive modification and with the more traditional looking series 3 XJ still in demand, the series 3 XJ12 would remain in production and offered in parallel to the new XJ40. It would take until 1992 for the XJ40 body shell to be redesigned to accept the V12...

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Finally after years of development and postponements, in 1986 Jaguar unveiled its next generation saloon, still badged XJ6 but also known under its code name XJ40. This was not just a face lift or redesign but truly an all new car. On the outside, styling was radically different with rectangular design which could be called boxy if it wasn't for the still elegant tapered lines. Gone where the trademark twin petrol tanks / fillers and, depending on market and specification, the XJ40 featured attractive rectangular headlights.

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There is little doubt that the XJ is one of the most recognizable Jaguar on the road today even though the last series 3 XJ or XJ40 were sold some 15 and 9 years ago. This is because during it's lifespan, the XJ saloon has not changed drastically and has always remained faithful to its original design. Even the Xj40's successor, the X300, shares a lot of styling clues with the series 3 like the elegant tapered lines and the quad round headlights flowing into the bonnet. Looking at the future, the upcoming X350 is again only a styling evolution of the original timeless design, making the early cars still very attractive.

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As the Series 2 was being introduced, Jaguar unveiled what will become one of the rarest car in the company's modern history : the XJ Coupe b(badged XJ6C or XJ12C). Built on a short wheelbase XJ, the two door coupe was built without central pillars for a striking look, particularly with the windows rolled down. Built only between 1974 and 1977, this highly desirable Jaguar is now becoming a true collector especially in V12 form. About 10 000 coupes were built, and fewer than 2500 were V12. While the lack of central pillar somewhat compromised body rigidity, it is a really a more sporty version of the saloon and handles fairly well. All cars were delivered with a vinyl covered roof giving them an unusual look for a Jaguar.

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Series 3 XJ6s are still found on the road as daily drivers and don't have the collectibility of the earlier saloons. Because they still fall in the "used car" segment of the market, some can be seen in various states of begging for some TLC and can be a sad sight. These are 15 to 20 year old cars which can be bought for very little money, by owners who can't necessarily spend what is needed. Series 3 XJ6 can be found in classifieds for $ 3000 or less and at that price, don't expect a car that has received thousand of dollars in maintenance... The key here is to be patient and wait to find for the best car within your budget.