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Sasebo was one of the 18 repat portsin Japan where they disembarked, accounting for around 1.4 millionJapanese.

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According to Japanese representatives, the defense ofthe SASEBO area was an entirely naval affair.
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from this Ministry include both monthly and annual data on construction and housing starts, construction costs and construction investments, building and land ownership and transportation statistics. The Japanese-language page offers significantly more content; format varies among pdf, html and Excel. Coverage is from the mid-1990s. The section provides reports of surveys conducted by the ministry in pdf format. White papers are also available.

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Francis Xavier (d.1552) entered  and learned Japanese, and his reportedly incorrupt body is now still enshrined at Goa.
Military zealots, usually on the spot, initiated actions that the Government was literally afraid to repudiate -- Prime Ministers were assassinated just for the impression of not being sufficiently hard-line (though some revisionist historians now argue that the whole business was masterminded by Emperor Hirohito himself).


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Tendai became the institutionally and politically dominant form of Japanese Buddhism, and most of the subsequent schools were essentially spinoffs from Tendai.

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This was the largest earthquake in Japan since the Kanto quake of 1923, and press reports say it was the largest quake there in 140 years -- as well as being the 5th largest earthquake on Earth since the beginning of the 20th century.

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Piggot seems unaware of this and misrepresents historical meanings of "empire" by saying that "the term is strongly associated with a martial political formation founded on conquest -- consider the imperial states of Rome, Persia, and China." This is irrelevant since "founded on conquest" is the retrospective judgment of a historian that has nothing to do with the internal self-representation and ideology of "imperial states" like "Rome, Persia, and China." In each case, the distinctive self-description of imperial authority is its universality, which, for instance, we see explicitly, with respect to the , in the statement of a legal text of 1230, the (Saxon Mirror), that the Crown of Rome makes the King of Germany (the ), [cf.

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In the curious scholarly scrimmage over what to call the "Emperor" of Japan, a good example may be found in [Stanford University Press, 1997], where Joan R.

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Nevertheless, whatever Shôtoku's role or abilities, he represents a period in which Japan actively entered history and helped itself to the heritage of Chinese civilization, just as in the Era the process would be repeated with respect to the West.

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Pre-War Japan, however, was not just Japan, but "Great Japan," Dai Nippon; and while Japan now is, officially, just "Nihon," pre-War Japan was the , the Dai Nippon Teikoku, the "Empire of Great Japan."Prince Shôtoku is a historical figure, but not without legendary accumulations.