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A photo I took in the archive in November and this of another unpublished Clare manuscript It is an honour to be able to go and study these texts

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On the 23rd of February 1821, Keats died. He was only 25 years old.
Fanny on hearing the news for a few weeks, appeared fine, but then suddenly fell ill. Later, after recovering from her illness she began to wear widow's weeds. Keats requested that on his tombstone all that would be written was "Here Lies one whose name was writ in water". However Charles Brown felt that this was too short and had this carved into the tombstone:


Тогда, лет назад, врачи прописывали

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During one of his rants at Severn Keats was offered some food which he did not get often- a plate of spaghetti. Because Keats was annoyed and wound up, he picked up the plate in a defiant act and threw it out the window where it landed on the Spanish steps.

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Keats has been hailed as the archetype of the Romantic poet as he lived and died in true Romantic style, trying to experience everything, suffering for his art and dying young.
Keats life was filled with tragedy from a young age and plagued his short life; all this experience and emotion can be seen in his poetry. I hope for this biography to be helpful to all who view it and that it helps give Keats readers some contextual and trivial facts that they can then go on to apply to his fantasmagorical (Jo's word) poetry.

Written by Kelly Starr and edited by Juliet Pye

Keats' Kingdom will be updated as much as possible with more poetry, notes, revision activities and other information. Look out for activity sheets throughout the website.

First love Buckinghamshire UTC studylib net

If you have any questions to ask, whether its about the website or John Keats himself, please feel free to email me (see contact page) and I'll be happy to reply. You can sign my guestbook, or if you're keen to chat to others, there's a Keats forum (run by someone else).

Poem Analysis of John Clare s quot First Love quot druggreport web

John Keats was born in October 31st 1795 (it was considered most probable to be the 31st as Keats never admitted his date of birth; he hated celebrating it each year) in London. He was the son of Thomas Keats, a livery worker, and Frances Jennings Keats, the eldest of four children. The story of how Keats' parents got together is an interesting one for it is believed that Frances Jennings eloped with Thomas Keats. She was the daughter of Thomas Keats' employer and they ran away; luckily her parents had a forgivable nature and accepted the marriage and let John Keats keep his job as a livery worker.
Family life was quite normal; the Keats had three more sons George, Thomas and Edward (who died in infancy) and one daughter called Frances. In 1803 Keats went away to a school in Enfield called John Clarke's. In 1804 his father was killed in a work related accident; he fell from a horse. Two months after her husband's death, Frances Keats remarried a London bank clerk called William Rawlings, although this action she quickly regretted and left taking nothing with her because by law everything now belonged to her new husband; even her children. Luckily for the Keats children their grandmother (Frances mother) took custody of the children but was unable to save any of the family's property as it now belonged to Rawlings, Rawlings sold the property quickly and disappeared soon after. At this stage in his life John had only experienced the tip of the iceberg that was to become is tragic life. John began to act out and was continuously involved in fistfights which he rarely lost even though he was rather small for his age.

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I studied John Keats' poetry in 2004, and it still means a lot to me now. I hope this site can prove to you how powerful his poetry was, as well as informing you about his life and relationships with other poets.