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When we talk about whether "we" should play football, there's of course a big distinction between kids who play for glory, acceptance, and fun, and adults, who, if they still play, probably do so for money. But of course any changes to the game for kids are going to affect adults eventually too, as these are the kids who will or won't play the game in the future. If you are going to talk about the college and pro level of the game, you have to talk about kids too.

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Doctor Says Letting Kids Play Football Is ‘child Abuse’ According to some experts, there are other sports (like soccer) that kids shouldn't play at a young age.
No major studies are under way to try to count those kids or to determine why their symptoms don't improve. "We have barely enough funding to study adults, and the neural setup is different in kids," says Dr. Ann McKee, the neuropathologist who runs the brain bank for CSTE. At her warren of labs at the VA Hospital in nearby Bedford, Massachusetts, McKee, a handsome blonde working 60-hour weeks to whittle down a backlog of cases, hands across slides of the brains she's examined – 10-micron-thin sections sealed in wax. The first one she shows me belonged to a boy who collapsed during a game in 2010. Nathan Stiles was as special as Eric Pelly – National Honor Society student, senior homecoming king and a running back for the football team – who had life by the throat at his Kansas high school when he returned, unhealed, from a prior concussion. Doctors had done a scan of his brain and found no swelling after the first concussion, despite his complaints to coaches and his parents about recurring headaches. But PCS is a crisis of molecular scale, a firestorm of ions leaking in and out of neurons to wreak havoc on their tiny connections. You can't catch that on an MRI and won't be able to in the near future. The only way to detect it is through a thorough examination by a concussion-savvy doctor or neurologist. Nathan went to his family physician, who after further testing and confirming he was headache-free cleared him to play less than a month after the concussion.


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"If we aren't talking about making relatively dramatic changes to the game in a public way...then people are OK with kids getting a degenerative brain disease from playing football," Nowinski said.

Practicing without helmets, Roda said, conditions kids to tackle with the head up instead of leading into tackles helmet-first, which is more likely to cause brain injury. He also has a certified athletic trainer attend all practices and games to evaluate players when a concussion is suspected.

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"There's a lot of description of possible bad outcomes with concussion and a lot of worry about it. That's appropriate," said Kutcher, director of the NeuroSport Program at the University of Michigan. "The truth of the matter is we have millions and millions of kids who have played contact sports and we haven't seen that link."

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"The dramatic thing was that they were still good," said Nowinski, who has conducted concussion safety presentations for parents and coaches in Westport. "It did not hurt the kids' ability to play the game. It just dramatically lowered their injury rate and their head trauma rate."

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Years later, when a mysterious, degenerative brain disease resembling dementia -- called -- was described in athletes with repeated head trauma, Nowinski became a more outspoken advocate, especially for kids playing football.

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The new rules in Westport are part of a growing (although sometimes grudging) movement to make football safer for children -- whose brains are still developing and thus particularly susceptible to concussion.

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Some boys just run smoother than others, burn premium for fuel, not unleaded. Eric Pelly is a Jaguar of a kid, all throttle and forward lean, no square edges. From the age of six, he's played two sports a season and trained with the zeal of a walk-on grinder, the peewee Clay Matthews. Crunches and pushups while he's watching TV, hours of lifting after he's home from school and blitzed through his class work, then out with his boys for games of flag football that turn into tackle without the pads. At one point, in middle school, he was bigger than other kids, but topped out – cruelly – at five-eight. He moped for weeks when the doctor told him that his growth plates had shut for good, then bore down harder to craft a body that would take him where he planned to go. Here's a straight-A student at a high school so competitive that he's barely in the top 100 in his class, but he's still telling his mom what he's said since grade school: I'm going to play pro football. You just watch.