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Patton's Speech to the Third Army was a series of speeches given by General George S
With that the General arose from his chair, a sign that theinterview was ended. I returned to my field desk, typed TrainingLetter No. 5 while the "copy" was "hot," touchingon some or all of the General's reverie on Prayer, and after staffprocessing, presented it to General Patton on the next day. TheGeneral read it and without change directed that it be circulatednot only to the 486 chaplains, but to every organization commanderdown to and including the regimental level. Three thousand twohundred copies were distributed to every unit in the Third Armyover my signature as Third Army Chaplain. Strictly speaking, itwas the Army Commander's letter, not mine. Due to the fact thatthe order came directly from General Patton, distribution wascompleted on December 11 and 12 in advance of its date line, December14, 1944. Titled "Training Letter No. 5," with the salutary"Chaplains of the Third Army," the letter continued:"At this stage of the operations I would call upon the chaplainsand the men of the Third United States Army to focus their attentionon the importance of prayer.

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The Third Army was at it's best and most famous when it was commandedby the great combat general, George Smith Patton, Jr.
-Served in both WWI and WWII
-Developed a style of fighting along with a modified weapon
-Ranked 3rd in Eisenhower's memo ranking American Generals
-He was a polarizing man Overview A majority of Patton's family members and ancestors were active in the military

His parents were George W.


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'Do not fear failure': The best pieces of life advice from General George S. Patton
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