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The work that the Hindu Council UK undertakes falls into two separate but connected categories, viz: the interfaith commitment through the Inter Faith Network of the UK and the review of policies affecting Hindus through a consultation process with the Government of the day.

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We pride ourselves on our ability to support our customers and advise them throughout the initial processes of product development through to a completed item for retail. Working closely with our partners within the industry, we are able to support all stages of the process of creating a product range, guiding clients through the maze of legislative requirements and help with distribution of the completed products.


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California and Utah have mandated training. Utah’s 2015 legislation is superior to California’s, though it applies only to state agency employers. Utah requires that employers describe how they will provide protections to employees. California, at first, simply mandated the training. And the topic of abusive conduct, which is still legal until the full HWB is enacted into law in California, is to be added to mandated training on the employer’s commitment to the prevention and resolution of illegal sexual harassment. Oops. This is confusing to nearly everyone. Many HR types hardly understand the power of having protected group status membership or not.

Every two years our State Coordinators begin anew the long process of getting introduced the anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill, pushing for a public hearing in the committee to which the bill gets referred, organizing people to testify at the hearing when scheduled, resisting proposed amendments to gut or undermine the spirit of the bill, pushing for a positive committee vote, then lobbying all members of the sponsoring chamber (House/Assembly or Senate) to pass the bill AND when this all is done, do it again in the other chamber!Thus, it is a long way from simply introducing a bill to enacting the bill as state law!The new 2-year legislative session in states (except in New Jersey) begins. Two states are on the board with introduced versions of the HWB.Washington State SB 5423 by prime sponsor Senator Maralyn Chase, long a champion of the bill from her tenure as State Representative. West Virginia HB 2169 by prime sponsor Delegate Barbara Evan Fleischauer, also a repeat supporter. Be sure to use the E-Z mailer on the State Pages to send messages to sponsors. They need to hear that people are out there hurting, needing this legislation to move.

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If only minor changes are made to a bill by the other chamber, it is common for the legislation to go back to the first chamber for concurrence. However, when the actions of the other chamber significantly alter the bill, a conference committee is formed to reconcile the differences between the House and Senate versions. If the conferees are unable to reach agreement, the legislation dies. If agreement is reached, a conference report is prepared describing the committee members recommendations for changes. Both the House and the Senate must approve of the conference report.

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When a bill reaches the floor of the House or Senate, there are rules or procedures governing the debate on legislation. These rules determine the conditions and amount of time allocated for general debate.

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After a bill is reported back to the chamber where it originated, it is placed in chronological order on the calendar. In the House there are several different legislative calendars, and the Speaker and majority leader largely determine if, when, and in what order bills come up. In the Senate there is only one legislative calendar.

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After a committee votes to have a bill reported, the committee chairman instructs staff to prepare a written report on the bill. This report describes the intent and scope of the legislation, impact on existing laws and programs, position of the executive branch, and views of dissenting members of the committee.