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A legendary BMX brand from the 70’s. Now producing all kinds of cool bikes.

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Folding Recreational bikes from DAHON let riders tackle weekend adventures in their own style
Long and lean, Ducati's 1000 Dual Spark SuperSport impressed reviewers with stable handling and sensible seat height. Its 85 air-cooled hp don't snap the bike upright but do just fine making the cars and bikes behind get smaller. This 2004 model has miles but recent maintenance and a very factory appearance.

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Cargo bikes can easily replace car in your everyday local trips throughout the city
If you think, on a normal bike ride, how often do you have the brakes on for more that a touch? How often would you have your brakes firmly on for 5 minutes solid? Never! Regen charging works well on heavy vehicles that stop and start a lot… like buses, rubbish trucks… but it is a gimmick on bikes.


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Our Pedego and Smartmotion electric Bikes do not have regenerative charging. I researched this in depth and came to the conclusion it was better to go for a high capacity lithium battery and a motor with an internal freewheel… This means you have plenty of capacity (up to 80km range) and a motor that does not drag when not in use… so your electric bike still rides like a normal bike down hills or freewheeling, or motor off.

Quality bikes for leisure cyclists, enthusiasts and kids! Choosing a kid's bike: Choosing the right style: Choosing the right size: There's a huge choice when it comes to buying bikes for 3-12 year olds.
Since 2005, SF2G has been riding bikes from SF to the south bay in a way that's reasonably fast, safe, and fun, with rides happening every workday in almost all weather conditions.

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Electric Bikes NZ ltd was established in 2006 and now has its head office in Auckland. We have steadily grown to now carry the largest Dealer Network of any eBike brand in NZ with stores in most towns and cities throughout NZ.

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Electric Bikes are exciting and something we really believe in and want to promote throughout New Zealand. They just make so much sense in an energy-constricted world and they add a fun and exhilarating experience to our lives.

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All our electric bikes have LCD consoles with self diagnostics, so, should something go wrong, e.g., a throttle is damaged when the bike falls over… you will get a specific error code on the LCD console which will tell you what component has failed. All our components have marine rated plugs close to the component, so it is very simple to swap in new ones.

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Cheap ebikes have no such plugs so a simple task becomes a day-long nightmare… unthread internal frame cables… then somehow rethread the new cable (often impossible without cutting other wires, etc)… trust me… I learned this the hard way!!

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Yes. Our ebikes and kits are weatherproof. Be aware though, they are NOT waterproof. Riding through deep water that submerge the motor will cause the system to fail.