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Dec 17, 2011 · Tania MacWilliam Features Oct

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19, 2011 *PDF to magazine here (page 23) The first day of college is exciting
Whether you have , a , or find more creative ways to make money to help pay for , is crucial. It is challenging to balance a while maintaining a strong GPA and earning a living, however the outweigh stressing over debt.

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04/10/2013 · The Challenge of Balancing Online Classes With Work Time management is tough when you have to study online and maintain a career.
I am not someone who thinks divorce is an answer for most people but why not wait until the youngest goes to college and leave? Life is too short. And there are actually decent, caring people out there. Don’t give up hope in finding a measure of peace and happiness!


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Aug 28, 2009 · Lately I’ve been drawn to studying after life experiences
Join the fraternity…….Your wife is lazy, entitled and abusive and the quicker you accept that the better off you will be. In her own wharped mind YOU are holding her back, and brother, you will pay the price eventually. The emotional side is telling you (at times) how lucky you are to have a stay home Mom willing to give up her life to make everyone elses so much better. However, ask yourself a question. Is it really? Does her frittering her time away benefit anyone but her? Really?
Children’s educations, retirement? Come on! Reverse the roles and you might find yourself strapped to a gurny in a mental hospital.
The point is this is not acceptable for you and you (most men) have no basis to object to it.
Look around……I work with woman with 2,3,4 children and they hold down jobs and everythibng else it takes to participate in a marriage and family. This is NOT setting a good example for your children – trust me. Nobody in my hose works, and being in the final stages of divorce sealed my fate because i have to maintain her and the children to a lifestyle they are accustomed to. Which is I pay for everything the rest of my life, and then some considering i have to maintain life insurance in case I die. So, I am enslaved even from the grave. Get it?
Want another window into how bad it can be? I have significant health problems which could but me on disability. THE COURT DOES NOT CARE!!!!!!!! I can have it reduced, but it will leave me with a few hundred a month to live on, pay COBRA and medications……In other words, I’m doomed and wifey sits on the couch thinking of ways her and her attorney can deliver the death blow……..
If your married less then 10 years…..RUN for your life.

I had to play “bat shit” and made it clear that I would rather burn through every dime rather then give her anything “for life.” My Attorney signed onto that and I was very happy the day she put my STBE back on her heels. My wife graduated college with highest honors as a biology teacher and never really bothered to even look for work. Her income was imputed as if she were working, and my child support went down. Meaning the message is she must find work. (I hope your all sitting down reading this part) She is now cleaning houses for cash rather then find work……She did this in high school + babysit. I kid you all not! Proof positive she does not like the serious responsibility of having to be somewhere at a certain time for a specific purpose.

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Your Mom sounds like my wife. She can’t help rescue cats. Rather she thinks she is the only one on the planet who can do it right, so in her world there is “no cat left behind.” Her family (no exceptions) are all compulsive ADHD to the max. Brother likes fishing, and now has a collection of tackle that literally rivels any tackle store i have ever seen. Only the very best of the best of equipment…..It’s creepy and completely out of balance.
He talks everyone into going fishing with him, and after about three times it dawned on me that all we were doing was watch him fish and talk about his equipment.

Should the death penalty be abolished

This post is so hilarious! Whoever wrote it has no clue that some women choose to make their life to be the keepers of the home. Feminism is good and all that, but just because you can go out and get a job next to a man doesn’t mean you have to. Feminist propaganda pushed women into the workplace until they didn’t have a choice. What about the woman who went to school a earned a degree but could not find a job in her field and ended up working in customer service? In call centers? Where she went in at 7:30 am until 7pm mandatory overtime call after call getting yelled at and called out of her name? Getting bullied by Alpha feminist women who made her go home in tears while driving home? And when she got home she still had to pick up her daughter from daycare and cook dinner and clean. For years I was that woman both my husband and I worked full time I was out of my house for 11 or 12 hours. I was at first picking up and cleaning and only sleeping a couple of hours not getting much time off not resting not sleeping well. By 32 I looked hagered. By 35 I wanted to go to sleep and never wake up.I hated my life. I cried myself to sleep every night my degree was collecting dust. I prayed. This went on for about 8 years. Suddenly my husband and I came into money. It was a lot of money. Suddenly he started a business. It made a lot of money in a couple of years. And not long after that we where moving into a bigger house on top of the hill looking over the ocean. Now he is in charge of the business I am not involved, I am the keeper of the home. I wake up when I want, I go shopping, I go to the spa, I go to the gym. I ran into a woman I used to work with at the call center when I was at the market one evening, she was running frantic like I used to, she said she could hardly recognize me because I looked so young and healthy. That to me is feminism and having it all! SO SUCK ON THAT!!!

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Glad to read comments from the real world from a real woman with real self esteem. I work with woman all day long who are in the work force becasue they really have to be. Be it benifits to bridge their husbands self employed status, make ends meet, pay for college, save for retirement with employer 401K match, or just to keep fresh and out of the house. You know….stuff adults do.
In an amusing way your posts ticks me off because it reminds me of how screwed up my life has become.