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In fact, in the Bibleonecan be married apart from any ceremony, vows, minister, rings, ritual,commitment, or even love.

The opening paragraph underthe subtitle "Marriage Vows" states,

They simply recorded their marriages in theirfamily Bibles.

Nearly all marriages in the Bible would be todayconsidered
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The Bible shows that vows should be taken seriously. There should always bemature and thoughtful thinking concerning them. The Bible, on the other hand,will not countenance vows that are entered into or made in an immature way. Inthe Old Testament vows of children and wives were not reckoned as valid unlessthe father or husband agreed. The details of this restriction are found inNumbers 30. The reason for this is because such persons (in the biblical period)were considered incapable of making mature judgments. I must emphasize that Ifeel that any adult woman is as able—in some cases perhaps more able—to makemature decisions as any man. But the Old and the New Testaments were concernedwith social environments far different from our own. Back in biblical timeswives (no matter how old they were) were ranked in the same classification withchildren in the making of judgmental decisions. All of us today, however, oughtto realize that this restriction on women’s opinions was only reflective ofancient times. God surely respects adult women today as much as men. Theprinciple of mental equality of the sexes is found in Galatians 3:28,

Vows are a way for individuals to share what marriage means to them

It means that you will do whatever it takes to maintain a strong relationship and a happy marriage.
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Some weddingceremonieswith "prenuptial agreements" and self-written vows express very littleif any true marital commitment on either party and only reflect ashadowof the "traditional vows." Does this mean if they have nonspecific"irreconcilabledifferences, "or break their self-made vows, that this is grounds fordivorce?


What does the Bible say about keeping your vows / oaths?

But as wehaveseen, in the Bible one can be married apart from any vow, commitment,oreven love.
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He had me swear on my bible any time any place and any way he wanted after my return from that trip. I would be a willing wife and travel companion We had talked in Rome about the best vacation choice for my husband was seven months in the future starting after the down week and any three weeks until February 14th, I arrived with him intending to take off that morning on a western road trip wherever his nose pointed. I felt like a gun was at my head. I tried to say we could go someplace nice and warn like st Criox, Barbados Hawaii, we did not have to kill other hopes the next three weeks He had already researched that time. Found getting reservations then was next to impossible for any thing like I suggested Europe to cold in the winter his knees after air assault were to bad to ski.. So I even suggested driving to Vegas, Southern Callifornia. Texas or Florida, He said you can drive it I don't want to Ice scat across country or get caught in a winter storm and why did he ever want to go to vegas or Florida. I knew he hated both. So it was his way or the highway, It was the highway being sent home to my mothers for 2 years in Virginia. His father had a court order slapped on him to work all offered hours, and when the hearing for dissolution came up August 2 years latter his petition was tossed out because he could not make provisions for my bi polar, almost 3000000 up front to the state. I was returned to the same defiance, the same problems as before until the Brain surgery in 2001, After that his attitude went totally south, In October he decided he was taking a prestige position with his 25 years, I went hat in hand like other times and this time promised a normal marriage no more sex refusal, He could have the vacations and holiday as well as the weekends he wanted after 20 years home, he could wait a few more weeks for another job bid in the new plant He just needed to back off the prestige position for the commissioners son.

So in the Bible a betrothed orespousedcouple may be referred to as husband and wife before they are actuallymarried.
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Notice in 1 Corinthians 7:11 how the woman who leaves (divorces)her husband is considered "unmarried." Some who adhere to the legalistposition insist that "unmarried" in verse 8 means "never married,"but the Bible has a way of correcting biased, "privateinterpretation(s)."The simple fact is when two people are divorced (even if it isunscriptural)the Bible doesn't treat them as still married in any way.

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All Christians should realize that they are incapable of fulfilling the threetypes of legal vows mentioned in the Bible. These are the vows that Solomon saidone must be careful to keep (Ecclesiastes 5:4) but can only be kept when asanctuary or Temple and animal sacrifices are in existence. People should quittrying to keep vows of the Bible that are not possible to observe. All illegalvows made in haste and without mature knowledge should be repented of becauseGod will disallow them (Numbers 30:3–6). What needs to be done is to make nomore vows which are contrary to the wishes (or the permissions) of God.

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This is why you have a best man anda maid of honor. They should sign the marriage certificate in your familyBible, and the wedding day guest book should be kept.

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The modern day Pharisees are quick to use this verse tocondemn an innocent, divorced Christian as an adulterer; but as wementionedearlier, this passage is incomplete in regards to all the Bible saysaboutdivorce and remarriage.