• and charged him with abusing a dead human body.
  • the monster with Victor's dead body.
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Female monsters in both films prove to be mostly a mix of both, despite completely differed from humans.

The process involves the rapid disintegration of the human body …

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She shares some of the other members' inhumanness like her very low body temperature.
Since an incubus retains the demonic energy of the monster he's coupled with inside his body, a human woman who has sex with an incubus will end up transforming into that race. However, the lust of an incubus who's kept having sex with monsters will not be satisfied by having sex with anyone other than a monster.

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The , though, the more her father's monstrous traits start showing: when she has four glowing red eyes, an elongated body, and is spewing Lovecraftian amounts of darkness tendrils from her cloak, it's time to start running.


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Many of the monsters that change human women into monsters do it by having sex with them and pouring mamono mana inside of them, changing them into a monster. Among the methods of monsterization used by the monsters, this is the one most often used, and it is regarded as the most efficient method as well. As for monsterization via sex, since the bodies are pressed closely together, it's easy for mamono mana to flow inside. Also, if one melts a human woman's mind by giving her pleasure, it will greatly lower her resistance to mamono mana, making it possible to smoothly convert her into a monster.

In addition to the normal food that they ate when they were human, it's also possible for an incubus to feed on demonic energy by having sex with monsters. For that reason, an incubus never gets exhausted when having sex with a monster. Instead, their entire body will brim full of lust and energy due to demonic energy. When the body of an incubus obtains demonic energy by having sex with a monster, it will immediately produce mana. When this energy is released to a monster, the monster will produce demonic energy from it and pour it into the body of the incubus.

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After one has changed into an incubus, the mind also changes so that one's values become nearer to those of the monsters, but compared to monsterization, even if only a little bit, human-like values from the period when one was a human will remain. However, the values and thoughts of an incubus, a being that became a monster's prisoner so much so that it altered the nature of his mind and body, will change to become eager to have sex with monsters. One's lust will swell up like that of the monsters, and disgust towards monsters and sex, etc. will have long since disappeared, and one will change so that he aggressively desires sex with monsters.

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First, it is purported that the looks almost don't change at all compared to when one was human. Monsters don't care very much about the attractiveness of a man's face, so in most cases there are no changes whatsoever. The body changes to become more healthy and durable so that it's convenient for sex, but it's rare for the appearance to change greatly other than that.

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The biggest changes of all occur in the functions that are also most important to monsters that get used during sex. It depends on the race and preferences of the monster that one is coupled with, but most men who become an incubus will have their penis grow larger by leaps and bounds, and they'll be able to please monsters even more. The amount of semen and energy released from there will be incomparable to when they were human, and they'll have boundless stamina so that they're able to release it again and again without getting exhausted.

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Human men transform into an incubus by having sex with monsters, and having demonic energy poured inside of them. Unlike women, who recover energy by absorbing it from the air, men continue to produce energy within their own body, so compared to women, it's more difficult for demonic energy to take hold, and they do not change into an incubus just from having sex once.