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Could you please send me a copy of the Guidelines and indications for Breast Implant Capsulectomy, Thank-you so much!

The breast-implant controversy: a medico-moral critique

The Ethics of Breast Implants ..

Women soldiers are being given breast implants at taxpayers' expense, it emerged yesterday
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I’m looking into getting my breast implants removed including the capsules, I am symptomatic, one implant feels deflated and feels like it has air bubbles, I laso have a small cyst in the chest are that my doctor feels is not related to the implants but I wonder about that. I recently had a mammogram and ultrasound that didn’t show abnormalities according to my doctor. My implants are around 25 yrs old I believe saline, behind the muscle. I’m in the Southern California area, I was looking into Dr Gyu S. Chin in Ontario CA, he is on your list. I’d like to know if anyone has a personal testimony they can share regarding Dr Chin or another doctor they recommend in the area.
Thank you,

Should we Prohibit Breast Implants

Jan 06, 2012 · Private clinics have a "moral duty" to remove banned PIP breast implants from women they operated on, the government says
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Hi Lisa,
I do suggest to see Dr. Susan Kolb in Atlanta Georgia, you are so close to her and she is the most experienced doctor explanting and healing ladies from breast implant illness. Your saline implants need to removed Enbloc style with a Total Capsulectomy. You likely need antifungals as fungal overgrowth is very common with saline implants and causes real toxicity in our bodies. If you explant properly and treat the fungus and adopt a detox lifestyle you will get your health back in a year or so. The cost varies depending on whether you need a lift or not but I believe it is in the range of $8,000 and up which includes her ongoing guidance during your detoxification and healing period. You won’t regret choosing her. Please let me know what unfolds for you. Nicole


Breast implant informed consent should include the …

Should we Prohibit Breast Implants? Collective Moral Obligations in the Context of Harmful and Discriminatory Social Norms. Jessica Laimann. University of Bristol
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Though they seem to be very close friends, they have had a fair share of issues. In "", Wendy becomes jealous of Bebe because she had become popular among the boys due to her developing breasts. However, Wendy was not the only girl to become jealous, as she was seen insulting Bebe behind her back with several other girls. Later, despite 's concerns, she got breast implants, presumably in order to outdo Bebe, only for her to arrive too late when the boys in class got over Bebe's breasts due to her wearing a cardboard box over her chest, causing the boys to laugh at Wendy's breast implants and call her a "stupid bitch".

AJ Park, U Chetty, ACH WatsonPatient satisfaction following insertion of silicone breast implants.
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Hello and thank you for your sight. It is incredible. I am anticipating getting my highly cohesive implants removed within the next couple months. I put them in three years ago s/p mastectomy. Naturally I have tons of symptoms within 2 months of implant. I also have the MTHFR gene, leaky gut, diagnosed with Hashimotos since implant and the list goes on. I have been on a cleansing program and taking supplements, probiotics, AIP diet for the Hashimotos . Somehow, miraculously, i stumbled upon your site! I have 9 amalgam fillings, but upon metal testing I come up low thankfully, Slightly elevated Cadmium (not sure what that is from? -IMPLANTS?) in any case, i started adding spirulina in my supplements. I home made capsule a day. Then I read not to take chlorella if you have fillings. Is that the same for spirulina? You have shared the same knowledge as my functional medicine doctor with me. You are one smart cookie! Any advice is appreciated. I am to over detox. Also, recently my extremities and tongue are quite swollen and my histamine levels are super high. Any advice about this? Would love to have as much info prior to my PS appointment to have explant consult. Will see PS 2/23 for consult.

Clinics 'should offer to remove PIP breast implants' - …

I understand your questions and concerns Kim, but honestly you’re looking at it all wrong ! your first and foremost priority is your HEALTH, never mind how long everything is going to take, if you going to have sagging skin or not. What you want to know is that you will be HEALTHY and available for your children. Everything else is subsequent.
Take it from me, I have been been bedbound for six years because of these implants and lost some of the most important years with my daughters. I would do anything to get those years back now, even if it means being flat chested with sagging breasts (which is why I got the implants in the first place) so listen to all of us on these pages and get your explant done ASAP

Implant ethics is defined here as the ..

I’ve had a root canal crack which lead me to pull tooth since then I’ve gotten more symptoms…I’ve had three surgeries on extracted tooth still have so much nerve issues and burning mouth I saw a dentist that specializes in muscle testing of your body…..he said that its my silicone breast implants and by muscle testing its in my jaw,joints,spleen,and nervous system…I’m very confused I had silicone implants for about seven years following breast cancer…have you ever heard of implants causing nerve issues in teeth,jaw,and burning mouth and mouth numbness and joint pains?

Has Natalie morales had breast augmentation?

Hi! Nicole
I wrote back in September telling you how i had to canceled my Explant Surgery
Well!!!… after a a long and very stress full 4 months of nothing but frustration after frustration from back in September to now, still having to have more clearance from this Dr’s , I was giving clearance from my PCP but the Pulmonary DR, who really only found an infection like a Broncattisis and has no idea where is coming from gave me antibiotics and almost all clear with the antibiotic… but since the source still there meaning the [THE BREAST IMPLANTS] is not going to go away completely .
All right … yesterday I called the PLS and now have a surgery day for 1/26/17 , BUT…. this is another BUT… he got all the clearance faxes from all the DRS my PCP is recommending a fallow up with the Pulmonary DR before the surgery
So I have a PRE-OP with the Pulmonary DR on 1/18/17 OK… how ever when the PLS was discussing my situation he mention that my be,… it will better for me to have anesthesia by injection instead of the tube and gas in the mouth you know …..
Nicole I think the injection is the way to go in my case , but not sure what do you think???? and how effective it is? I have some concerns .Please do you have any info about this???