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From: Robert My Experience: When I was about 20 years old I lived alone in a cabin deep in the Smokey Mountains. I was used to seeing animals and I knew their footsteps well. Every now and then I’d get the occasional hiker, lost, tired, and I’d lend them a hand. I can usually tell […]

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The Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers “Parks As Classrooms” for students K-8th grades. This allows teachers to bring their students to the park for a hands-on learning experience. Check out one of our kid-friendly blogs for tips on all kinds of things to do in Pigeon Forge with the family.


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If one takes the national road number 10 along the Manila waterfront, where the Smoky Mountain was formerly located, there is a big road by some reclaimed land from which a slum area can be seen on the right. Walking ahead along a dirt road, one reaches an area full of poor huts on both sides of the street, some NGO facilities and a church. The garbage dump site is over in that direction.
The residents in the dump site make their living collecting garbage. Although some houses have two floors, most of the buildings are flat, simple temporary shelters made of wood. In the center of the town there is a market, called Taripapa, where ten small shops sell fish and other items.
Filipino people call the residents of Taripapa “scavengers” because of the similarities they have with falcons and hyenas. Their income depends on how much garbage of value they are able to collect, but normally they can earn 100 pesos (200 yen) a day collecting iron and plastic. If they are lucky enough to find copper amid the garbage, they might earn even 600 pesos a day. But that seldom happens.

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I felt really sad on leaving the Smoky Mountain. I wanted to live for months and even years with the slum dwellers. Although it was difficult to adapt to life there, I often told myself that if the people living there were able to overcome all difficulties, why could I not do the same? This short visit to the slums made me realize that I had been living in a completely different world, but in the slums I felt as if that was my own world. My experience in the slums taught me that sympathy is more important than pity, and that the only way to learn sympathy is to live together with people.

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I accompanied the Sisters to the slums three times. They pay home visits to patients and conduct religious education. The Sisters move freely around even in some sectors of the slums where security is so bad that the police refrain from appearing. I followed the Sisters to fulfill my priestly duties to bless houses, comfort the sick with the holy ointment and pray for the deceased.
Every time the visits lasted about five hours. We walked through the temporary shelters crossing the garbage dump under the heat of the sun and amid horrendous stench. I always felt very tired on returning to the convent. Whenever I washed my face and wiped it, the towel became black with grime.
Nevertheless, at the end of my tertianship I chose a homestay in the slums to experience the life of the people there. What prompted me to do so was the review of my daily life that I made during my month-long spiritual retreat.
At the time of the 30-day retreat I confronted myself in the presence of God in my prayers and realized that my religious commitment as a Jesuit priest was by no means adequate. I felt that, in spite of having decided to give everything to God as a religious priest, in fact I held back many things for myself and was living a lukewarm life.
In order to make a full revision of my life, it seemed to me that the best way I could come up with to conquer myself was to stay for a while in a most difficult place, and the Smoky Mountain was just such a place. I was the last guest to experience life there. I spent two weeks in three different slums of the Tan Bakan district: the garbage dump site, called Dump Site, Uligan, the charcoal burner area, and Barge, a port where big flat boats transport the garbage. There are about 5,000 people living in 600 huts.
Since there is a generator for the community, electricity is available for 12 hours, from late evening to 6:30 in the morning. Nevertheless, since there is no water supply, the residents have to go to reservoirs and buy water there. One can often see people carrying 5-gallon (20-kilo) tanks full of water along the road. Each slum area has different characteristics.

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I had the opportunity of staying for two weeks with a family living in the “Smoky Mountain” slums of Manila during my tertianship in the Philippines. My short stay with that family gave me an opportunity to get a close-up glimpse of their suffering and joy. At the same time the challenges I had to face let me experience a few days full of various blessings. I would like to share my experiences with the readers of this Bulletin.