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When originally asked at the beginning of this course about what literacy is, my initial response was the ability to read and write.

Is Reading an Addiction? | Beyond Literacy

The thought experiment continues

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My understanding of literacy “has to do with having the skills and knowledge to create, locate, analyze, comprehend and use a variety of written, visual, aural and multi-model texts for a range of purposes, audiences and contexts.” Literacy is far more than reading and writing, it also involves critical thinking where it tests someone’s understanding of a balanced...

The National Center for Literacy Education

This essay explores a broad range of literary definitions, arguments and statistics to convey a clearer picture of how people embrace literacy.
My lack of basic literacy affected every area of my learning with only math classes allowing me to feel slightly comfortable due to the international nature of numerical literacy....


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When originally asked at the beginning of this course about what literacy is, my initial response was the ability to read and write
I can honestly say reading is an addiction because I am severely addicted. I barely sleep because I’m too busy with a book. I have called out of work not only to finish a book I’m reading but even because I can’t wait to start the next one. Every time I put my book up to go into work or take a shower or do anything else it almost physically hurts. I seldom speak to anyone outside of customers at work, not even co-workers and most importantly the idea of giving it up even for a few days will break me out in a cold sweat, sometimes hives, and often literal panic attacks. Yes reading can be an addiction.

The Road to Reading Literactive’s phonics reading program – The Road to Reading – is now available online
She looks at the question of ‘What is literacy?’ from the perspective of the individual and the broader issues which shape both government policy and the practice of the individual tutor....

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My interpretation of Lankshear's position is that he supports the idea of literacy as being best understood as a concept which comes into affect by its application in day to day life.

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Crafted from the primary level literacy course, this broad in scope and thoroughly concerned with concrete problems or data rather than with fundamental principles text continues to cover the information needed by both new and experienced teachers in order to teach effective literacy in the primary level, thereby following this with the specific strategies to use in the classroom to develop successful teenage or primary r...

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There is no question that reading enhances our intellectual and society capabilities; especially within a context that values literacy. The idea of reading as an addiction is a way to provoke an assessment of our attitude to reading. Addictions cause us to ignore other things; we are blinded from aspects of reality; we delude ourselves; we persist in behaviour which is counterproductive (not all, even most, reading is effective/useful). My point about reading as an addiction is that it reinforces and confirms a specific view of the world and our selves. And as Ong says, literacy aggressively blocks out other perspectives (and other “literacies”).

How Can I Improve My Child's Reading? | Reading Rockets

As the chapter mentions, our culturally created opinions of addiction make it acceptable to casually discuss some obsessions while noting no mention of others. Reading, to me, is a vital part of life and knowledge. It is difficult to grasp the future of literacy, or beyond literacy, when I am having difficulty comprhending the issues with being overly consumed with reading. Addictions like gambling or compulsive shopping will have obvious negative impacts on individuals’ lives, but I’ve spent much of my life being encouraged to read and learn from others’ writing.