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22/01/2018 · And like them, college is just a stepping stone ..

College hockey is increasingly a stepping stone to the …

He describes his career as a series of stepping stones, ..

14/03/2005 · NCAA Basketball 2005 Stepping Stone Pro basketball ..
Despite the legality of the one and done rule, it provides little or no benefit to the players themselves. Ideally, such a rule could benefit players. If the players are practically required to attend college, major universities would line up with scholarships, giving free education to those that otherwise might not have such an opportunity. However, the players themselves often see the college stage as a mandatory stepping stone to an NBA career, some paying little importance to their studies and student-athlete eligibility requirements. A freshman can pass only two classes in the fall and remain eligible long enough to satisfy the one and done rule.

I don’t want it to be a stepping stone.

college is merely a stepping stone toward a lucrative professional sports career.
If a player is ineligible to play Division I,II, III or NAIA, a good junior college can serve as a stepping stone to helpcatapult the player's grades, so that he may be eligible for a differentcollege program in the future.


hard-to-get-into stepping stone to ..

The Sports Management training has been an amazing tool and stepping stone in energizing my sports career. I learned some very helpful information that I still use today in my job as a corporate sales manager for the Tacoma Rainiers. With the SBM class within SMWW you too can achieve your dreams and land that sports job you have been wanting your entire life. Thank you SMWW for helping me get where I am today!

Remember that this was just a fun quiz to get you thinking about the type of school where you can see yourself playing. It doesn’t in any way mean that this is the only type of college or university you can go to. Just use it as a stepping stone to help guide you through choosing a school that’s right for you. Check out this article, to learn more about factoring sports into the college search.

career and her time with LGS proved to be the crucial stepping-stone

She sees her internship, which will begin this fall, as a valuable stepping stone to her career. Ultimately, she aims to work in athletic multimedia, preferably as the director of athletic communications for a university.

as a stepping stone to help guide you through ..

“Our boys attended a parochial school for 9 years. BHS has been a great stepping-stone in helping them to prepare academically and socially to transition into the next step of their adulthood. The teachers and administrators at BHS care. They work with students and partner with parents to ensure the youth of our community have the best opportunity to develop into reputable, successful individuals and citizens. Simply stated, it is a GREAT school!”
– BHS Parent

your crappy job as a stepping stone.

One of the biggest draws to being a college athlete is the promise of an athletic scholarship. Whether it is a , , , or , getting your education paid for by being an athlete is a great opportunity. Scholarships should be seen as a means to acquire a university education, not a stepping-stone to a career in professional sports. Athletic scholarships are the stuff of dreams to a star high school player and his family. For others, however, the experience can become disheartening, discouraging, and depressing- in short, a nightmare.

“This is one stepping stone until ..

First of all, for most athletes who end up going pro, college basketball is just a stepping-stone. While NCAA football players usually spend at least three years in college getting ready for the NFL, basketball players can go pro after only a year.

basketball is just a stepping stone

For some; community college athletics are stepping-stones to four-year programs, so competition for NJCAA scholarships remains robust. NJCAA receive campus aid that recognizes academics, community involvement and leadership potential.