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One of the first recorded references to the Needham comes from “As Maine as Lobster” an article by John Gould, ..

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Needham Family Genealogy. A blog tracing the roots of the Needham family
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(Needhams) Maine's culinary heritage"European fishermen discovered the fishing grounds off the coast of Maine almost 50 years before permanent settlers arrived in New England.

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Oct-Dec ‘THE NEEDHAMS CHRISTMAS ART EXHIBITION’ Group exhibition of affordable art at Needhams Restaurant & Art Gallery, Witchford, Cambridgeshire. Oct ‘ISLINGTON CONTEMPORARY ART & DESIGN FAIR’ Works displayed on The Definite Article stand at Candid Arts, Torrens St, London EC1V. Sep-Oct ‘FACE VALUE’
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Abraham Wood of Fort Henry, Virginia, sent James Needham and , the latter probably an indentured servant of Wood, with eight Indians to explore the southwest interior from Virginia. Needham and Arthur were provided with provisions for a three-month journey. They initially returned just over a month later, and Wood sent them out again and added four horses for their travel. They left this second time on June 25, 1673. The only account we have of this exploration is by Wood, who was not on the trip. He wrote a letter about the exploration on August 22, 1674, to John Richards in England, where the letter remained for many years undiscovered.



Needhams are also known as Maine potato candy – a sweet, chocolate-coated confection with a filling made from mashed potatoes, confectioner’s sugar, …
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The result is a vivid portrayal that enlivens the ranks of the science biography. Winchester depicts Needham as a “bespectacled, owlish, fearless adventurer,” a studious academic with a romantic vision of the Chinese. Using letters, notes, and other archival documents, Winchester smoothly weaves together the threads of a life that includes an early period of scientific stardom, an intense phase of cultural exploration in wartime China, and a return to England, where Needham transformed himself into an eminent historian.

22/12/2017 · Needhams are Maine's Famous Potato Candy - Chocolate-dipped candy made with mashed potatoes, coconut and sugar. Read about this classic Maine recipe!
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