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The Known World is a 2003 historical novel by Edward P

"Aphra Behn's Oroonoko, the story of an African prince's enslavement by British colonists and
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We said all things to him that trouble, pity, and good-naturecould suggest, protesting our innocency of the fact, and ourabhorrence of such cruelties; making a thousand professions andservices to him, and begging as many pardons for the offenders, tillwe said so much that he believed we had no hand in his illtreatment: but told us, he could never pardon Byam; as for Trefry,he confessed he saw his grief and sorrow for his suffering, which hecould not hinder, but was like to have been beaten down by the veryslaves, for speaking in his defense: but for Byam, who was theirleader, their head- and should, by his justice and honor, have beenand example to 'em- for him he wished to live to take a dire revengeof him; and said, "It had been well for him if he had sacrificed meinstead of giving me the contemptible whip." He refused to talkmuch; but begging us to give him our hands, he took them, andprotested never to lift up his to do us any harm.

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22/01/2018 · Although Behn writes of Oroonoko's honor as ..
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When he came, attended by all the young soldiersof any merit, he was infinitely surprised at the beauty of this fairQueen of Night, whose face and person was so exceeding all he had everbeheld, that lovely modesty with which she received him, that softnessin her look and sighs, upon the melancholy occasion of this honor thatwas done by so great a man as Oroonoko, and a prince of whom she hadheard such admirable things; the awfulness wherewith she received him,and the sweetness of her words and behavior while he staid, gainedaperfect conquest over his fierce heart, and made him feel the victorcould be subdued.


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Oroonoko chronicles the story of the African prince Oroonoko and his beloved wife Imoinda, who are captured by the British and brought to Surinam as slaves
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But punishments hereafter are suffered by one'sself; and the world takes no cognizance whether this God have revenged'em, or not, 'tis done so secretly, and deferred so long: while theman of no honor suffers every moment the scorn and contempt of thehonester world, and dies every day ignominiously in his fame, whichismore valuable than life.

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To this Oroonoko replied, he would engage his honorto behave himself in all friendly order and manner, and obey thecommand of the captain, as he was lord of the king's vessel andgeneral of those men under his command.

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And Oroonoko, whose honor wassuch as he never had violated a word in his life himself, much lessa solemn asseveration, believed in an instant what this man said;but replied, he expected, for a confirmation of this, to have hisshameful fetters dismissed.

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Which the captain seemed totake as a very great honor done him, entertaining the prince everydaywith globes and maps, and mathematical discourses and instruments;eating, drinking, hunting, and living with him with so muchfamiliarity that it was not to be doubted but he had gained verygreatly upon the heart of this gallant young man.

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SUTRA: (1) A Sanskrit term for a poetic treatise or essay written in verse. (2) A Sanskrit phrase or saying (often educational or spiritual) designed for easy memorization. In the history of printing, one of the early experimental attempts at print was The Diamond Sutras. Not to be confused with , above.

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SUSPENSE (from Latin suspendere, "to leave hanging"): In literary works with a plot, suspense is "a state of uncertainty, anticipation, and curiosity as to the outcome of a story or play, or any kind of narrative in verse or prose" (Cuddon 937), i.e., emotional tension resulting from the reader's desire to know "what will happen next?" or "what is actually happening now"? Frequently, the greatest moment of suspension occurs at the of the plot in .