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I will present here the outline of an argument for same-sex marriage within a particular school of conservatism

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Furthermore, same sex marriages are a violation to religious beliefs and old traditional values that support procreation. Religions like Catholicism promote the creation of offspring freely, but same sex marriages cannot do that. Additionally, it is generally considered a sin by Abrahamic religions to be married to the same sex because of their inability to procreate. Cultural values would be lost as people become too liberal, and the nucleus family image would be a subject in textbooks, but not in practice. This will carry on to the next generation and so fourth until traditional values are forgotten.

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The issue of same-sex marriage is an argument that all of us have heard, and most of us have strong opinions on
Kindregan, Jr., Charles P. "Religion, Polygamy, and Non-Traditional Families: Disparate Views on the Evolution of Marriage in History and in the Debate Over Same-Sex Unions." Suffolk University Law Review 41.1 (2007): 19-48. LexisNexis Academic. Web. 29 Sept. 2010.


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Oct 10, 2014 · An essay or paper on outline and abstract of of same-sex marriage same-sex marriage is essentially an issue that should be resolved on the basis of civil.
The current debate over same-sex marriage has brought into question how exactly the government should interact with the institution of marriage, if at all. In America, marriage and government have coalesced for centuries, but its time for the two to divorce. Supreme Court cases have the government moving further away from the religious aspects of marriage, so it no longer makes sense to involve the government with this religious institution. I concur with a handful of legal scholars who argue for the deinstitutionalization of marriage. Building on that argument, I contend that government entanglement with marriage should come to an end in order to be replaced with domestic partnership contracts, which would better reflect current societal values. If a couple wishes to obtain a marriage in the religious sense, then that becomes an act of a church rather than the government. To support this argument, I first delve into the history of marriage in order to highlight the original purposes of marriage and its social implications. Next, I examine modern developments and court cases pertaining to marriage that explain how and why marriage has evolved. Lastly, I explain the concept of domestic partnership contracts as well as why these contracts better facilitate the government’s current policy towards marriage. These contracts would extricate the government from its current religious entanglement in marriage while also accounting for societal changes such as homosexual relationships. In conclusion, I have found that the institution of marriage, as it was originally intended to be, no longer fits American modern society. It is therefore time for a change, and that change is a shift to domestic partnership contracts.

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While homosexuality is generally becoming more widely accepted among liberal minded people, same sex marriage is still a detrimental practice for the long-term good of society. If there are more people turning gay or lesbian for the fun of it, it would affect the population not just in numbers, but also the psychology and cultural identity of the children that are raised with same sex parents.

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The first argument against same sex marriages is quite obvious: the human population will dwindle. Same sex marriages means that offspring cannot be produced naturally. The married couple would have to opt for artificial insemination or to adopt a child if they plan on building a family. The amount of affection that a set of same sex parents may have on their child may differ from those born naturally, as the birthing process releases hormones such as oxytocin that allows the mother to bond with the newborn. If there is a rise in same sex marriages, it might lead to a decline in birthrates and quality of childhood life.

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Having a child requires a balance in role model in order for the child to develop well. Some homosexual couples have defined gender roles, but some may fall into different parts of the gender spectrum. A man may not fully be a female due to his physical structure and psychological make-up and vice versa. Hence, the parental roles for same sex marriages may not be wholesome. Ideally, a child should both a male and female role model so that “daddy issues” or other hidden psychological barriers don’t build up. A mistake like this on a young life is mostly irreversible, and the damage may be costly for the child in their later years.

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The debate over same-sex marriage in the United States has brought into question how the government should interact with the institution of marriage, if at all. The North Carolina legislature, in fact, is currently waiting to vote on a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage, making it the 31st state to do so (Bonner). Yet, as more and more states address the issue of gay marriage, one must ask: how and why are governments and marriage so strongly intertwined?