• After the killing, Hamlet seeks revenge on his uncle.
  • Revenge is set to overcome anyone who seeks it.
  • One will see the idea of revenge in many great pieces.

Therefore, revenge was the only means of justice those people could stick to” (Bennett)....

Upon Hamlet’s discovery of the act of treachery he wants his revenge.

Revenge is one strong theme that holds throughout “Hamlet”.

Now instead of hurting others I am in for taking revenge on the basketball floor.
Discussing themes in your work shows that you are no longer just thinking about Hamlet as if it was a true story. Instead you are looking at the play and thinking about Shakespeare's choices. The four main themes in Hamlet are revenge, madness, deception and family and sexuality.

In factHareton his child , will be one of the tools of his revenge .

But, these misdeeds of taking upon revenge may lead to serious consequences.
Although having similarities in their underlying themes, and in their adherence to conventions, these two plays present contrasting pictures of the figure of the revenger; Hamlet offering a far more complex treatment of its main character, and The Revenger's Tragedy appearing, in comparison, limited by the author's social message, and lacking...


Revenge has been a part of humans for as long as they have existed.

However, "Of Revenge" deeply underestimates the corruption of the human spirit and soul.
Treasury official Maunsell B. Field reported: “Mr. Seward expressed the very highest opinion of Mr. Lincoln as a politician. Indeed, I think it must be conceded by all who had intimate opportunities to study that remarkable man, that Mr. Lincoln was the most consummate politician that this country has yet produced, except his great rival, Stephen A. Douglas. He was in politics what the London Times is in journalism – never leading public opinion, but always following its wave so closely that, when it breaks, it is found swimming upon the crest. To the unobservant he appeared to lead, whereas he only followed. He had an unerring and rapid perception of the popular will, and the policy which he from time to time adopted was but the crystallization of that will.”82

This quote was said by a Roman fabulist and it depicts the entire concept of revenge in Hamlet.
Hamlet strongly desires revenge for his father's murder, but other concerns cloud the issue. For example, Hamlet has the chance to kill Claudius when he finds him apparently knelt in prayer. Hamlet hesitates because he fears that if Claudius dies while he is praying, he might go to heaven. Hamlet is determined that Claudius should go to hell for his betrayal and deception.

Some of the main themes are human relationships and revenge.

In Shakespeare's time, "Revenge Tragedies" were a popular form of entertainment for theatre goers. The Bible explicitly forbids revenge but human instinct often wants it.

The fundamental theme of The Cask of Amontillado is revenge.

The uncertainty about the nature of the old King's death also confuses the matter. Hamlet feels unable to take revenge unless he is absolutely sure of Claudius' guilt. Hamlet fears that the Ghost is not his father but an evil spirit sent to tempt him to Hell.

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Laertes' sense of revenge is much stronger than Hamlet's and Shakespeare contrasts the two. Laertes does not need to be convinced of Hamlet's guilt to take revenge. On hearing Hamlet's explanation for Polonius' death, Laertes declares that he is . By this he means that he understands Hamlet's actions, but it does not stop him from fighting Hamlet in a duel with a poisoned and sharpened sword.

Scraps of paper found on Queen Anne’s Revenge | …

In Act I, two different revenge plots by these two men is revealed and while Fortinbras is very open and bold about killing Claudius, dead set on attacking Denmark no matter what and plans to lead an army to attack Denmark, Hamlet is sly about his revenge plan, he is indecisive about killing Claudius and his plan of attack is to act crazy.

the specifics of Margo's revenge takes on a ..

Only considered through this scope , Wuthering Heights could be namedRevengefull Heights ,
but if the theme of revenge is present all throughout the novel , mainlyin the second part ,
Wuhering Heights is not a novel of revenge.