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I am sure that all parents that did a lot of things for their children are heroes.

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Hails on Twitter: "parents are the true heroes in life"

Because these heroes are fictional, we are left without real life heroes, or are we....
Peter Petrelli had resumed his life as a paramedic, using his abilities to save people. He teamed up with to stop the speedster known as . He then met and disguised as "William Hooper". A tatto appeared on his arm, and he went to Noah for guidance. He later helped understand his abilities more, and met with to start reconnecting with his family. He saved Emma's life, and began trying to form a connection with her. After another failure, he reunited with the dying . He sought out Noah's help to locate a healer for Hiro.

heroes of our life such as our parents and our teachers ..

What a blessing you are to the teacher who wrote this (as well as all other teachers!)
This is so totally true. I had 4 children go through the same schools. I also worked in the school system. TEACHERS ARE AWESOME. They give more of themselves to their students then you can imagine. I have worked under the BEST teachers. I feel they get put on the back burner in too many situations. THANKS TO ALL THE TEACHERS OUT THERE IN THE WORLD.


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Thank you for giving words to those of us who haven’t taken the time to write it down. You have spoken the hearts of many teachers. Thank you for allowing us to use your words to communicate with our parents.

Your article just described my sister to a tee. You can’t tell her not to care or not to worry because she would not be the teacher she is unless she loved all her students. Thanks.

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Roving Ranger: 1951, All-Star Western #58. Lone rider for justice in the Old West, though he doesn't wear a mask.

Sandman: 1939, New York World's Fair #1. Wesley Dodd is an idle millionaire who decides to fight crime. Talented in science, he builds himself an underground lab where he creates a gas gun that fires knockout gas. He puts together a pulpish costume of a regular suit, gloves, fedora, cape and complete with gas mask and starts fighting crime. His girlfriend is Dian Belmont. Later, Dian disappears from the strip but he gets a new yellow and purple costume and her nephew Sandy as a sidekick and loses the gas gun. During this phase, his stories often played with themes of dreams and nightmares.. The Sandman is a charter member of the Justice Society of America. NOTE: The yellow and purple costume is often called the Simon & Kirby costume. However, they came to the strip after the character had already made the switch. Chad Grothkopf is the artist that actually did the re-design.

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Your students are indeed lucky to have you. But as a former teacher turned homeschooling mother, I would have to say that the hard part is managing the classroom of children. Not the teaching. As hundereds of thousands of homeschooled children who’s parents have absolutely no teacher training can attest to, their kids are statistically doing leaps and bounds BETTER than public schooled kids who’s teachers have to go through years of ongoing training. All you really need to teach is a love of the child and a desire to impart knowledge and a love of learning along. After that it all falls into place. But the dealing with the vast variety of children from all different situations – THAT is what is hard. Prayers that you have a smooth year.

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I share your sentiments. I just retired from 27 years of teaching high school Spanish and although I will get through my list (because I don’t have to go back to the classroom), I still miss being a teacher. Oh, I really like the angel of the chairs. I wish I had had desks like those! 🙂