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This case deals with the ethical dilemma I am facing at my current workplace. My work life and personal life are out of balance resulting in high stress. Apart from sharing time between work and family, I try to squeeze in time for completing coursework for the business classes I take each semester. Due to severe time restraints, sometimes I end up having to finish my homework during office hours using company time. This unethical behavior on my part has brought me into a conflict with the workplace ethics stipulated by the university. Ethical decisions in the workplace can be very difficult to make depending on the situation. Sometimes we must rely on our personal ethics and what is in the best interest of the group or of the individual. I am slowly developing this habit for distorted thinking. I am in conflict with my inner conscience but my situational context is forcing me to violate my own ethical values. I fall victim to the temptations and pressures of situations.

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I did not compromise on my personal ethics of being truthful and honest, but strained my relationship with fellow employees.
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(8) The Ethics Committee of the Pennsylvania Conference of State Trial Judges is designated as the approved body to render advisory opinions regarding ethical concerns involving judges, other judicial officers and judicial candidates subject to the Code of Judicial Conduct. Although such opinions are not, per se, binding upon the Judicial Conduct Board, the Court of Judicial Discipline or the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, action taken in reliance thereon and pursuant thereto shall be taken into account in determining whether discipline should be recommended or imposed.


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This decision was in direct conflict with my ethical values. I brought this matter to the immediate attention of the client since it violated contractual terms and my professional ethics. Being a certified project manager, I have to abide by the code of conduct from the Project Management Institute. Turn a blind eye to evil, and you may not be an accomplice. But you’re an enabler. Regardless of how the decision impacts, I cannot compromise my principles. I’d rather make personal sacrifices to my lifestyle than act unethically.

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There is no disconnect between what the organization did and what my personal ethics demanded. The company was able to reinstate trust and confidence among employees and restored a sense of ethical accomplishment in me.

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In coming to a decision, I had to consider my loyalty to co-workers, fidelity to the company, and honesty. Not all of these values can be upheld, one or more must be violated in order to reach a decision. Since I strongly believe and lead my life on the basis of ethical principles, I made a decision not to falsify travel expenses and indulge in unfair practices. I brought this matter to the immediate attention of the management. The management conducted an inquiry and responded with a strict company policy with effective internal controls to prevent any such future abuse by the consultants. Had I violated the tenets of my ethical code, it would have engrained the seeds of unethical habits and I would have become habituated to violating most aspects of my ethical framework.

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CISPs have no control over what content the customer chooses to upload to the service (including whether or not it includes personal data). CISPs have no role in the decision-making as to whether or not the customer uses the cloud infrastructure service for processing personal data, for what purpose and if/how it is protected. Accordingly, CISPs are not able to ascertain whether there may be a lawful basis for the processing. As such, their responsibility is limited to (a) complying with the customer’s instructions as provided for or reflected in the Service Agreement and (b) providing information about the service in accordance with Section 5 (Transparency Requirements) of the Code.

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Since ethical problems involve making value judgements, making an ethical decision is difficult due to the ethical dilemma of subordinating one or more of our values. Problems arise when employee’s personal values are misaligned with company’s values resulting in decisions that conflict with organisational goals and employees experience higher levels of stress and turnover.