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Jul 08, 2016 · How To Support Slain Dallas Police Officers And Their Families “I think I speak for every single American when I say that we are horrified.”

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2016 Police Suicides: the NSOPS Study (Badge of Life)
There is a desperate need to provide credible and effective employee assistance programs (EAP's) to our nation's police officers. The police are a critical component in our national network of emergency first responders. Police officers and the personnel who support them provide critical safety sensitive functions that needed at all levels of government. Its important to value the efforts of these professionals and recognize the stress and sufferring that they endure in the course of protecting us all. Most importantly, we need to commit resources to prevent, mitigate, and properly manage the personal problems that result from a career of exposure to traumatic stress.

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Officer Jeff Watson discusses the need for integrated mental health services and appropriate peer support programs for all law enforcement officers.
The death of every police officer should signal the need for all police departments to place a renewed emphasis on their Employee Assistance Programs. It should teach us an important lesson - that we need to work harder to create a police culture that encourages officers to get help in times of trauma and stress.


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Drug crackdowns can also have some negative consequences. Heroin users made nervous by crackdowns might rush intravenous drug use; use unclean needles; use the drug in remote places where they might not be found if they overdose; hide the drug in body cavities, increasing the risk of accidental overdose or infection; and more carelessly discard used syringes. When buyers and sellers become more wary of one another due to a crackdown, the risk of violence can increase. If buyers remain highly motivated to get drugs in spite of a crackdown, and the crackdown causes drug prices to rise, buyers might commit more crime to finance their habit. (However, street-level drug enforcement typically reduces drug availability rather than raises prices.) Each of these possible consequences poses a challenge for police.

Each year many officers are killed in the line of duty. Most leave grieving family members behind. Many more officers are killed by a second wave of deaths related to the police profession - suicide. Each year many current and former officers choose to end their lives because the pain of dealing with the memories of past trauma is too much for them to handle. Sometimes the immediate trigger for the suicide is obvious. There is an immediate critical incident that pushes the officer over the edge. The death of tells such a story.

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At Brookdale`s Regional Locations, Security Officers are on duty during the times classes are in session and maintain security at all of our Centers in Hazlet, Long Branch, Freehold, Wall, and Neptune. They are uniformed and remain visible at all times. These officers do not have police powers, but are available in case of need and will contact their respective municipal departments for problems that require police action. They are supervised by the Brookdale Police Department, and all Brookdale Community College regulations apply.

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Expense. Crackdowns are usually expensive. Many crackdowns require overtime funds to provide the necessary staffing. In addition to officer wages, crackdowns generate higher costs for booking prisoners, processing arrest files, and processing cases through the legal system, and may incur new equipment and training costs. Substantial increases in police presence in an area are usually hard to sustain for long periods due to the costs. Whether or not crackdown-related expenses are justified depends on how sure you are that the crackdown prevented crime and disorder. A cost-effectiveness analysis is recommended.

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Brookdale Police officers are available to make presentations to students, faculty, and staff upon request. Topics available include Crime Prevention and Personal Safety, Date Rape, Traffic Safety, and Fire Safety. Educational programs to promote awareness of sex offenses are scheduled throughout the year. Please consult the or the for specific program information.

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The Brookdale Police Department operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is a unique law enforcement agency designed specifically to serve the needs of the College community. Brookdale police officers receive the same Police Academy training and have the same authority as any New Jersey municipal police officer. They have full arrest powers and enforce both traffic and criminal statutes, as well as College policies and regulations.