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Karl Marx’s essay, “On ‘The Jewish Question’” is a response to an essay by Bruno Bauer
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However, we need to face the grim fact that today's democratic political systems face a very uncertain future due to their total failure to create a sustainable system that can last in the long term. Today's world order is presiding over the largest destruction of life since the Permian Extinction, 250 million years ago. No amount of corporate and political green washing can cover up this reality. Meanwhile, the global economy has not resolved the problems that led to the near total economic collapse of 2008. Indeed, old debts have simply been papered over with even larger new debts, financed by the largest wave of money printing in world history.

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A critique of Nicos Poulantzas – International Socialism
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The Nazi rationale was heavily invested in the militarist belief that great nations grow from military power, which in turn grows "naturally" from "rational, civilized cultures." Hitler's calls appealed to disgruntled German Nationalists, eager to save face for the failure of World War I, and to salvage the militaristic nationalist mindset of that previous era. After Austria and Germany's defeat of World War I, many Germans still had heartfelt ties to the goal of creating a greater Germany, and thought that the use of military force to achieve it was necessary.


How the Trump regime was manufactured by a war …

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The system is in a state of paralysis. As in the failure of democracy in ancient Rome plutocratic forces tend to dominate the "democratic" system sometimes creating a sham "democracy" that is really ruled by money. As the failure of democracy in ancient Athens, "democracy" in America is dominated by lunatic delusions of world empire. Leadership is all too frequently dominated by professional politicians who believe in nothing, like Angela Merkel and Hilary Clinton.

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Hitler extended his rationalizations into religious doctrine, claiming that those who agreed with and taught his "truths," were "true" or "master" religions, because they would "create mastery" by avoiding comforting lies. Those that preach love and tolerance, "in contravention to the facts," were said to be "slave" or "false" religions. The man who recognizes these "truths," Hitler continued, was said to be a "natural leader," and those who deny it were said to be "natural slaves." "Slaves," especially intelligent ones, he claimed were always attempting to hinder masters by promoting false religious and political doctrines.