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But the male-dominated world of French politics, for so long immune to scandal, is abruptly having to deal with serial accusations of its own forms of hypocrisy and prudishness. Last week Denis Baupin, the vice-president (deputy speaker) of the national assembly, resigned to fight allegations that he had groped or sexually harassed eight female colleagues in the past 15 years. He denies the accusations en bloc.

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The senior woman radio journalist points out that, until recently, some women journalists in France used sex appeal to gain information. In the 1970s, Françoise Giroud of L’Express, the first woman to edit a French weekly news magazine, boasted that women journalists were much better at extracting information from male politicians.


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Mr Baupin’s defenders suggest that the timing of the complaints is politically motivated. The French green movement has been split down the middle in recent months between “moderates”, who wish to support or join the reformist centre-left government, and those who wish to fight against it. Mr Baupin and his wife Ms Cosse are leading moderates.

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“I also refrain from stigmatizing any specific political movement, when I work with a given community,” added Father Dupont, who also works as a school chaplain. However, he admits being quite wary of the political extremes.

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Like other French priests, Father Julien Dupont, rector of the Saint-Jacques des Hauts-de-Poitiers Parish, has to cope with the political fragmentation of Catholic voters.

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Ministers determine policy and put new legislation beforeParliament in the form of bills (; withinthe framework of existing law, they apply policy through decrees (.

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Theresidence of the French Prime Minister is at Matignon House in Paris.

Intheory ministers are chosen by the PM; in practice unless the Presidentand the PM are from different sides of the political spectrum (a systemknown as ), PM and president work together to form agovernment.

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French Catholics often struggle with their traditional political allegiances, as they do not always reflect their religious values. Such phenomena became obvious in 2013, as thousands of protesters took to the streets to object to the “Marriage-for-all” bill on same-sex marriage. This movement — Manif pour tous (Protest for all) — even led to the creation of “Sens Commun” (Common Sense), a conservative political movement.