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Look somewhere above her; pretend you don't love her -Pretend you don't see her at all.

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I was born in South Africa and about 10 years about i immigrated to Canada. I have also lived in Italy and England. I have also spent time in the United states as well as several other European countries. I am sorry to say but not one of those countries is ANYTHING Like South Africa. Of course it is going to be in ones nature to defend the country you come from, however, these are the facts, SA has one of the highest crime rates in the world. You are welcome to stay and raise your childred in SA but unfortunatly it is no longer a possibility that your daughter is going to get raped but its a probability. Once this happens to u unfortunatly u have to live with those choices you will clearly be bringing upon yourself, although NOONE deserves that. Yes the weather is nice, yes the country is pretty but wake up and look around, with ur 10 foot walls, alarm systems and electric fences. Once you see the rest of the world you will be so surprised that ” oh my I can go for a walk without watching my back” I loved my home but I had to make a choice. You also need to understand that over 3 million white and Indian people have left south africa. These however are educated and skilled people. If this continues do the math. Im sorry that these comments may be hurful but they are true and if u choose not to listen then all i can say is ” you have bed your bed, and now you have to lie in it”

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Hey Guys if u dont know the Apartheid /Jim Crow Era in Southern Africa than ur dont know nothing yet who were the real criminals waging wars against Black Africans. We fought for our liberty and independence in Second Chimurenga - Description: The Rhodesian Bush War – also known the Zimbabwe War of Liberation. Lastly the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale in 1987-89 liberated Southern African from white domination before the release of Nelson Mandela from Prison. It was the last Battle in Africa, that took place in South eastern Angola against colonialism and racial discrimination. For more information please read African News Papers, PANAF Press Agency, SACU South African, SADC Countries, ECOWAS int, EAC Countries, African Union website. Research Forum Pan African Observatory and telecommunications services, and information activities. Also on Youtube University check out “The Zimbabwe you have never seen


Pretend You Don't See Her is a 1997 novel by Mary Higgins Clark.

I just came across this blog, and it has made me so sad to read what some people say about South Africans who have left the country. I am South African and it broke my heart when my family and I had to leave, (NOTE: HAD TO LAVE!!) What else could we do, we had a 6 month old baby and I was having gruesome nightmares about him being killed in a house robbery. We went away to visit family and when we came home our entire house had been cleaned out….all of our possessions gone, and this was with the protection of electric fence, wireless beams and alarms PLUS security at the entrance to our development.I would hate to think what would have happened if we were home!!
My husband would come home from work each day with a story of someone he knew who had been affected by crime, rape, family members killed in their home etc, etc, etc. The stories always sound like they are happening to people far away, then slowly they creep closer to home. First its a friend of a friend, then its the man down the street or your neighbor and pretty soon the crime is affecting you..its knocked down your door and is standing in your living room. Forgive me for leaving but I could not and would not sit around and wait for it to happen to me. I understand full well that crime is a universal problem, but nowhere is it as ruthless as in South Africa. Those of us who have left are not necessarily all racists who have just given up and left, NO, we have fled just as anyone would if they felt their family’s safety was in jeopardy. Some people say that you are only a true South African if you stay and face the problem, but I disagree. I know that I am truly South African because it hurts to look up everyday and not see an African sky, it breaks my heart that no matter how much I want to I can not go back to the country I call home because quite frankly I don’t even know if it exists anymore. The country of my birth was safe, it was economically sound, kids could ride their bikes in the street……it was the most beautiful place on earth. Does it still exist? You tell me! I know SA has the potential to be great again, I just can’t put my family at risk while it tries to reach it. Does that make me less of a South African?

I have done all I could do to stay out of the hell that was once my home (born in Durban in 1968) I worked in police stations and all across natal I saw the things you call humans kill each other over a beer or a whore or just because they felt the urge ! These black thing can be taught how to act like humans but sooner or later they will revert back to their ‘tribal’ roots and push their penis into a 6 month old child to get well?! That is not what a human does !! Get out and let them all kill each other !! God knows America aren’t goin to step in !! They caused this to happen in the first please and let me tell you they are the biggest kaffirs of all I enjoj fucking them up every chance I get !! Die American cunts viva bin laden he had it Sussed , kill them all !! I will kill myself soon as this govt tells me to leave. Because I will be safe as anyone else that lives there ?! What do they know or should I say don’t know ?! Fools , see u in the next life . x

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Her “guardian,” a young woman Charity said was her sister, helped Charity fill out paperwork at the tiny private school, run out of a church in a quiet neighborhood by pastor Stuart Newlin.Newlin didn’t ask to see Charity’s birth certificate.

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be careful about moving to South Africa, if you have secured a job then go for it, if not, wait to secure a job. and don’t generalize, i can say that all Americans are fat and stupid based on the few i have seen but i also know that there are huge varieties of people and that there is no uniform person type in one country.

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Happy 2010, i’ve just stumbled on to this article now after two years of it being written, would have loved to see it before, i wonder if you have left the country already Mr South Africa is a shitty place to live, if so All the best in your new country anyway its a bit too late but i’ll put my view in anyway, i’d be first to admit that South Africa is facing serious problems: crime, corruption, poor infrastructure and service and now after 16 years of democracy we are still facing some of these issues but for some of us Aficans such things are not reason enough to give up on this country, there is just so much oppotunity and possiblity, we are a country alive with possibilty, what we don’t need in this country is people who have lost their hope, who have no vision, no mission, no clue as to how to contribute, many of our countrymen and sadly many of the white south africans mostly who still live in absolute luxury and comfort compared to most of all the black people have turned their backs on this country, the very same people who denied us equal opportunity, freedom of movement, right to wealth and gain, right to land, right to provide for ones family these very people are complaining about the result of their doing as if this was the black mans fault… its all our fault because we never chose to build an equal, prosperious society in the turn of the 20th century instead we chose to oppress one another, deny one another the human right to live in ones own land freely and now its all our responsability to fix this country, whether black or white or asian, we all have to put in the work, so some of you have given up already then leave!!! so be it but stop whining and crying we’ve had enough, either you contribute to helping this country grow or pack your bags and go…