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This completes our setup and configuration, resulting in running Prometheus server and the AlertManager, both as container services.

Prometheus - Monitoring system & time series database

The Chorus expresses their horror at this story

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Click on the 'Status' menu item to see the runtime/build information, configuration, rules, targets and startup flags that are active for the Prometheus server.

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Prometheus told Io his story and Io told him why she, once a princess and a happy girl, was turned into a cow by Zeus.
On the Prometheus UI, go to the 'Alerts' menu, and you will see the alert inactive and green in color. If you click on it, you can see the actual alert condition that we had setup earlier.


It was the magic of netdata that was supplying us those good visuals

Explanation of the famous quotes in Prometheus Bound, including all important speeches, comments, quotations, and monologues.
He will soon release her when she comes to the Nile River.
She is Zeus's wife and she love to take revenge on whom her husband has held hands with.
So she gives Io Plagues to Io while she is a cow.
Zeus tells him to kill Argus, in order to save Io who has been imprisoned by Hera.
He has 100 eyes, then takes turns having some asleep and others open.
Hera puts him to the task of guarding Io.
He later is Killed by Hermes.
The Rocky Peak of Caucasus
Zeus binds and abandons Prometheus there.
Prometheus meets Io there.
Prometheus gave mankind fire.
Zeus was upset about this so he Bound him on Caucasus.
Zeus held hands with Io.
Now Hera is plaguing Io because of it.

Prometheus and Io Location There was only one main location. Which was the rocky peak of Caucasus. Main Characters Prometheus Io Sub Characters Zeus Hera
We expose the Prometheus UI at port 9090, and volume mount the local file & file to , where it is picked up by Prometheus. We also pass the configuration file path via the flag and pass the alert manager url via the flag.

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Various alert rules can be configured within Prometheus, to detect events that happen based on metric counters that Prometheus tracks. To send notifications based on these alerts, the AlertManager component is used. An AlertManager instance can be configured via the flag while starting Prometheus, thus enabling notifications to be sent when alerts are triggered. To start off, I wanted to set up a simple alert that detects if Panamax application is down, and notifies me on my Hipchat room.

IO - Argive Princess & Nymph of Greek Mythology

With the setup, the metrics endpoint setup, the alert rules setup and the AlertManager configuration setup, we can finally run the Prometheus server as a container service. As soon as the service starts, it will start scraping the metrics, and make it available on the Prometheus UI.

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Her descendant will be Hercules, and he will release Prometheus.
Was mad at the Titan Prometheus for giving mankind fire, so he bound him on a rocky peak.
Held hands with Io and in order to save her from the wrath of Hera, turned her into a cow.

Prometheus 2.0 Arrives with a Speedy New Local …

Because of this Zeus was mad at him.
Io's descendant, Hercules, will release Prometheus, from his bondage.
Zeus held hands with her.
When Hera was suspicious Zeus changed Io into a heifer, (a young female cow.)
Zeus will return her to human form when she makes it to the Nile River.