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Propaganda Posters of WWI essays The United States produced a lot of propaganda posters during WWI

France and The United States) meant to cripple Germany ..

could the United States began a mass propaganda campaign ..

and thus the decision to mobilise its armed forces was more political than in France and Germany
Flamme mentioned how they tried to financially cripple Germany and made Germany solely "responsible" for WWI and dividing their land and reducing their military and weaponry.

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Roads to the Great War: Intense British Anti-German Propaganda Posters
German aircraft dropped AW 44 over Allied troops of the invasion force near Caen, France in July 1944. AW leaflets were printed by the Germans for use against Allied troops and French civilians around Normandy. The text of this leaflet is:


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I love this leaflet because it close resembles an actual American shelling report. I actually depict several genuine shelling reports in my article on sex propaganda in WWII. Because it was important to report enemy shelling, sexual images and pin-up girls were often placed on the form so that the soldiers would keep them. My old 1973 explains the report:

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Over the years I have seen a lot of different statistics for the losses caused by the German V-1 attacks. I am not sure that anyone actually knows the number of lives taken and buildings destroyed. However, George Duncan’s “Lesser Known Facts of WWII” appears to be well researched and states:

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The concept of the German secret weapon was not only attacked through the normal military organizations, but also through the secret civilian organizations. In WWII the American Office of Strategic Services in Berne, Switzerland, produced clandestine “black” leaflets to be sent into Germany to sap their morale. Here they make fun of the German secret weapon and show a young German boy of about 7 years fully dressed in a NAZI SA uniform in front of a beaming Hitler. The implication is that the V1 is about as dangerous as this young lad. The OSS gave this leaflet the number 104 and it was stamped with that number and filed. The text is:

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Leaflet Z.G. 98 mentions the V1 and V2 weapons just briefly. The leaflet is a bright red to catch the eye of the German target soldier. It depicts a map that alleges to be the German plan of attack for Operation “Watch on the Rhine,” the attack known to Americans as the “ of the Bulge.” The first used such maps against the Germans in WWI when it was discovered that the common soldier had no idea of where he was or how the war was going. 23,800,000 of these leaflets were printed and 16,668,032 were dropped over German forces from 4 January to 21 February 1945. The text on the front depicts the plan of the High Command in the West and clearly shows that it was a failure due to the miscalculation of the Allied strength. The same image was used on Z.G. 95 but with a slightly different text on the back. The title of the leaflet is:

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Another interesting V1 document is a 1945 poster produced by the Germans to warn that anyone picking up any pieces of V1s in German-occupied Holland that crashed before reaching Antwerp would be shot. Apparently the Germans were afraid that the underground could ship pieces of the rocket to England for study. Of course, the British already had a complete V1 sent by the Polish underground. The poster says:

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The Germans dropped this leaflet over France in August 1944 to tell the French people of the V1 campaign against the Allies. A bright red arrow with a “1” inside representing the V1 takes its fatal dive toward the ground. This aerial leaflet is in the form of a single-fold 4-page brochure. The text is very long so I will just add that the message says that the Germans have begun to launch the V1 against the Allies in retaliation for bombing the cities of Europe and that the new weapon will give them the final victory. The title on cover is: