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Influential evolutionary psychologists, Leda Cosmides and John Tooby,provide the following list of the field's theoretical tenets(2005):

Scientific racism in the Svecoman movement in 19th century Finland

Van Dijk, Teun A. 1991. Racism and the Press. London: Routledge.

is very much a meritocracy, and the kind of
According to popularizers of Darwin's theory, psychological and social characteristics of individuals and groups of people conform to the same natural laws -- of adaptation, variation, and inheritance -- to which physical characteristics conform.

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Janssen, A. 1945. Ras, natie, vaderland [Race, Nation, Fatherland]. Leuven: Davidsfonds.
Willis points out the effects of capitalist ideology in the racism, sexism, vandalism, and alcohol abuse of the "lads" who reject the school's authority.


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We find it curious that much of the "bureaucracy" that conservatives claim hampers the schools (e.g., Chubb & Moe, 1990) exists in order to provide due process protection for handicapped students, women, minorities, and the poor (Lowe, 1992).

Not only did the angry sentiment of mainstream whites operate to thwart change, but the agents of institutionalized racism (especially local political machines and the police) aggressively sought to squelch the civil rights movement.

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General economic conditions and cultural heritage, as well as physical differences contingent on race and ethnicity, seem to be salient in determining the degree to which different groups are discriminated against at different points in time.

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Although women and men do exhibit some characteristic differences in interests, there is no clear empirical evidence for differences in reasoning or intuition.

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Because it is diffused throughout government and private institutions, the mechanisms and effects of institutionalized racism, for example, tend to be more insidious than the more blatant hostilities expressed by individuals.

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In Western capitalist societies, discrimination against women and against racial and ethnic minorities helps to ensure that a large proportion of the population is available as cheap labor.

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Cultural location implicates mechanisms of institutionalized practice that systematically and unfairly discriminate against members of the working and underprivileged classes.

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Institutionalized racism and classism, of course, contribute to the circumstances that make college attendance and graduation more difficult for some groups than for others even when some financial assistance is available.