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Role of business education. In this situation where there is much to celebrate and much to be worried about, there is a need to re-look at the role of business education.

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It is important that corporations are looking at the impact that their suppliers have on the environment. It doesn’t matter how much a company does to protect the environment, if they are getting their supplies or doing business with a company whom is not meeting their social responsibility to the environment. To have an overall global impact corporations need to look at the entire pictures of their corporation.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined as a corporations drive to estimate their effects on the environment and their role in the well being of the citizens in their area and across the globe. It refers to a corporation that goes above and beyond what is required of them by regulators, to have a positive impact on society.


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Corporate social procurement refers to companies that acquires their supplies from companies that are acting as socially responsible businesses. Ethical procurement is the practice of choosing business partners who’s CSR is is being met adequately. It is important for companies to focus on working with suppliers who are meeting regulations and who have ethical business practices. There are a number of large corporation who are leading the way in CSR procurement, as well as green Procrustean.

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7. You say that marketing must play the lead role in shaping business strategy. Do you think that business executives are fully aware of the role that marketing can play in helping the company succeed?

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Corporations find it much easier to speak with customers about the good that they are doing. It gives the customers a good feeling about the company. It helps customers to feel that by giving their business to these companies that they are contributing on a greater scale to the well being of society as a whole. Customer interaction about CSR also brings awareness to the issue.