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There are different types of role models in society today, who play great social roles.

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Its focus is on the role of women and their changes during World War I and World War II.
To understand the limited role of women in life, it is important to understand the nature of (commandments) in Judaism and the separation of men and women.

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For example, the American Medical Association, founded in 1846, barred women from membership.
Leaders are different than managers in that leaders inspire others to do the work needed while managers generally tend to manage the tasks associated with completing the goal.


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Actually, the customary habits of American women were changing little.
We are all humans, so we all have the same role in the society and it’s up to us to do our job. Women can not be inferior just because they’re not men. They can do whatever a man can do. If they can control their actions, just like men, then they can act the same as them.

Guidelines on Genetic Evaluation and Management of Lynch Syndrome: A Consensus Statement by the US Multi-Society Task Force on Colorectal Cancer

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I am convinced that women are very important for our society, because I believe all humans are just the same. Gender is just about the way we look. All the people have the same rights and all the people can learn the same skills or do the same things and so on. There is no superior or inferior person. We are all the same, so to consider that women are not as good as men is very wrong.

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It is this exemption from certain mitzvot that has led to the greatest misunderstanding of the role of women in Judaism. First, many people make the mistake of thinking that this exemption is a prohibition. On the contrary, although women are not required to perform time-based positive mitzvot, they are generally permitted to observe such mitzvot if they choose (though some are frustrated with women who insist on performing visible, prestigious optional mitzvot while they ignore mundane mandatory ones). Second, because this exemption diminishes the role of women in the , many people perceive that women have no role in Jewish religious life. This misconception derives from the mistaken assumption that Jewish religious life revolves around the synagogue. It does not; it revolves around the home, where the woman's role is every bit as important as the man's.

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Out of the 41 Man Booker prizes awarded so far, 15 have been won by women.

Apart from politics and education, the role of women in other professions, like law, business, entertainment, healthcare, etc., is also commendable.

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Firstly: Although Islam stresses on the importance of a woman’s role as a mother and as a wife, we can benefit from the majority of its rulings that had commissioned the father with the responsibility of the family and the children in particular, and gave him the right to their custody in case of separation… The father and the mother are real partners in the task of raising a child; and although Islam regards motherhood as sacred, it had not made women responsible of rearing their children. In addition to the affection purpose of motherhood and fatherhood, they also have a parenting job that they help each other to fulfill. In this job, the distinctive nature of each parent - the mother as a woman and the father as a man - along with the kind of connection that relates the child to each one of them, have an intrinsic role in developing and enriching the child’s personality on all levels. While the mother provides her child with the inner sense of security when satisfying his physical and emotional needs as a result of her direct adhesion to his body; the father, through looking after the child’s external affairs, takes on the responsibility of supplying him with a deep sense of protection and strength through which he can face the entire outside world. This is an illustration of the mutual work that both the husband and the wife cooperate in doing.