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School of Athens by Raphael - Facts & History of the …

School of Athens, Raphael: Analysis, Interpretation

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The Philosopher as Hero: Raphael's The School of Athens

Raphael's School of Athens was not meant as any type of school that actually existed (i
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Peter's Basilica and in general Pope Julius II
Heracleitus & Raphael
Heracleitus was the pessimist philosopher and didn't exist in the original plan for "The School of Athens"
He is depicted as another one of Raphael's great rivals, Michelangelo
He was added to the painting in 1511 after Raphael saw a portion of the Sistine Chapel Michelangelo was working on out of respect towards him
Raphael includes a portrait of himself hidden within the painting too!

The School of Athens - by Raphael

Aristotle supposedly studied here.
During the 15th century Plato's Academy opened in Florence as a school for philosophers and students to study Neo-Platonism.
The painting consists of a crowd of philosophers, astronomers, mathematicians, geologists, Renaissance architects and artists, along with other highly respected individuals with students congregating under the Basilica Arch
Arguing, teaching, and discussing their theories
The Renaissance was about the passion for learning and knowledge; essentially when philosophy exploded = the love for wisdom
People learn from teachers and books so the painting was appropriate for the Pope's library
The painting was a synthesis of worldy and spiritual thinking (a combination of the Greek and Christian teachings)
Symbolic of the people thinking and searching for truth through learning
Disegno = natural truth acquired through reason
Plato is in the center of the painting to the left of Aristotle
Pointing upwards towards the heavens and holding the "Timaeus," which was one of the only books recovered written by Plato
Plato believed and taught that there was a superior quality which existed in an eternal hyper-uranium above the world of "things"
Essentially his book was a contemplation of "ideas" or "forms" that represented the ultimate perfect beauty, goodness, widsom, truth, and justice of the world
Plato is depicted as one of Raphael's competitors, Leonardo da Vinci
Aristotle is also in the center of the painting to the right of Plato
He is depicted as his young self when he was a student of Plato
He is pointing outwards towards the "Earth" rather than above and he is holding his book of ethics
Aristotle believed and taught that these perfect "forms" did not exist in the heavens but existed within humans and things in the world to grow into their ultimate potential and purpose throughout their lifetime
He studied the world through reason saying that the only reality is the one visible to us
Also believed that all the answers and change to the world was a result of the motion of the Heavens
Was a mathematician who developed the Pythagorean Theorum
Influenced math, science, philosophy, and philsophers such as Aristotle and Plato
Believed that the planets produced notes and moved in perfect harmony together in orbit
Considered himself to be the first philosopher in history
Studied at the School of Athens where he discovered geometry
In the painting he is surrounded by interested students as he teaches which is what teachers work and live for
He is depicted as Donato Bramante, who is the architect for St.

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