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Spock was an American pediatrician and author of The Common Sense Book on Baby and Child Care.
In the book Common Sense that is the feel throughout the book and what I think the majority of the Americans that were fighting wanted along with being their motto.

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In Sense and Sensibility this moral change is obvious in Elinor and Marianne.
In the novel, Elinor seems to be the embodiment of sense with her rationality and thoughtfulness, while her sister, Marianne, seems to symbolize sensibility.


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The development of these adolescents into mature, reasonable adults is a gradual transformation seen in Sense and Sensibility.
This implies that Snowden's view of sensemaking is on early and formative idea generation, and that the framework referenced supports the creation of mental models that can be used to think of problems, and solutions, in new ways. Snowden draws heavily on the use of narrative, and particularly fictional narrative, as a way of positing "what if" scenarios. His research has identified that participants who work backwards from a fictional end-state to reach a factual present-state are able to then identify the "sensemaking items", which he describes as the turning points inclusive of actors, communities, and factors in play (Snowden & Kurtz, 2003, p. 472). Snowden's view of sensemaking is a quality that can be applied to a framework or idea, is best embraced in a highly collaborative environment, has the most resonance during early stages of problem solving and for a formal and finite period of time, and embraces each participant's perspective or point of view.

Jane Austen wrote these words about her novel, Sense and Sensibility, in a letter to her sister Cassandra in 1811.
1.) What does Jane Austen mean by “sense” and by “sensibility,” and which cultural movements of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries do they represent? Which of the two older sisters—Elinor and Marianne—represents which quality? Does one quality win out over the other in the end? If so, which one, and how; if not, why?

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Thus, we see a landscape of researchers investigating sensemaking, coming to various (and abstractly consistent but specifically different) conclusions. Some of the views are tied to individual problem solving, while others focus on the abstract "organization" and its ability to make meaningful decisions. Some of the views describe sensemaking in an acute fashion, as an activity that has a start and end, while others view it is a long-term approach that serves as an underpinning for other activities.

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Using the area of educational achievement I will bring into this essay examples through research and findings from sociologists such as; Pierre Bourdieu, Culture Capital (1977), Bernstein-(1961)speech patterns’ and Paul Willis (1977)learning to labour, and use these examples as evidence to show how these would explain educational achievement in relation to the sociological imagination and common sense assumptions....

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3.) The theme of selfishness versus selflessness is important in
Sense and Sensibility. Explain how each of the
following characters displays selfishness or selflessness:
Willoughby, Lucy Steele, Brandon. Cite details from the
novel for each character.

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Paine offers very strong arguments in Common Sense, which are supported by his own reason, his sensibility, his common sense and by his ability to draw inference from what has already happened.