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Service Learning Reflection Paper I chose to go to my home town to work with Kid's Klub for my service learning project



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However, you may feel the benefits to students outweigh the planning and course management costs to you. For example, many instructors hope to convey the significance of performing community service to their students and value the kinds of authentic experiences their students have when working with a community partner. If you decide that service-learning fits with your educational vision for your course, you will need to make sure that students get out of it what you want them to. In other words, you will need to be very clear about your learning objectives and determine how you will assess student learning.

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Service Learning Reflection This semester I had four service-learning opportunities
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Each Service Learning project must have three components: Preparation, Action, and Reflection. Students can complete Service Learning projects in one of three ways: Classroom-based projects, after-school projects, or individual projects. Visit our page to find out more information.

Each school has at least one trained whose responsibility it is to develop project opportunities for and with students. Teachers also play an important role in developing classroom-based service experiences that are linked to curriculum and standards. More than 200 community organizations provide service opportunities for students. Parents can encourage and motivate their children to participate in high quality service and can also help teachers implement projects. Principals and other administrators help to promote the Service Learning initiative and guarantee high quality service and academic rigor.

For more information, contact the Service Learning Coach or school principal in your neighborhood or Jon Schmidt, Manager of Service Learning at 773/553-3425 or by email at .


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This paper will discuss a range of skills and knowledge acquired through service learning
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Service-learning is a potentially rich educational experience, but without careful planning, students can wind up learning far less than we hope or internalizing exactly the opposite lessons we intend. For instance, if roles and expectations are not made clear, students may end up performing menial tasks, without achieving the learning goals for the course. Or they may have a bad experience and conclude, for example, that working in groups is difficult, public schools are dysfunctional, and that non-profit organizations can be chaotic places to work. In order to be successful, service-learning requires significant advance preparation and consideration of a number of special issues. But with thoughtful planning and deliberate execution, service-learning can foster positive relationships between the university and the larger community and provide meaningful educational experiences to students.

Service Learning Reflection Paper Example
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Reflective assignments can call for the student to think deeply and critically about specific issues (e.g., the implications of particular policies for local environmental activists, legal problems encountered in needle exchange programs) or to reflect on what they’ve learned about themselves from the service-learning experience. Some faculty have students reflect on their work at the end of the course, in final submissions or a special project. Others use journaling as a reflection tool, having students write weekly pieces connecting their classroom learning with what they are doing with the community partner. You might also have students compile a course portfolio, including evidence that they accomplished each learning objective.

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Research shows that the key to students linking their learning to their service experience is reflection: students need to reflect on their experience in a structured way. But if reflection is too open-ended or vague, it is likely to be unhelpful: for example, simply asking students to post their thoughts and feelings to a blog may produce nothing more than a disconnected list of impressions and complaints. However, you might use a blog format requiring students to respond to pointed questions that tie into your learning objectives. For instance, you might ask students to explain one thing they discovered this week while working with the community partner that connects theory to practice and how it fits in the context of the course readings.

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Communicating expectations of the partnership – early, often, and precisely – is crucial to a successful course. For instance, both parties need to agree on a schedule, deliverables, location of meetings, issues of intellectual property, and whether the community partner will attend classroom sessions or final presentations to offer feedback or critiques. Many faculty put this into a formal letter of agreement or (doc). A regular system of communication during the course will help identify potential problems and prevent small issues from becoming large problems. Some instructors use a project log or student evaluation form, completed at designated intervals by the community partner, to stay in the loop. When expectations are realistic they are more easily attained and instructors, community partners, and students are more likely to express satisfaction with the service-learning experience. This can go a long way towards fostering an ongoing relationship with an organization for future courses.

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