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For most businesses, the new year is a time for assessment, goal setting and strategic planning
Senior adviser helping companies with business, communications and public affairs related challenges in China and globally. Patrik worked at Springtime during 1997-2012 and was placed at the Beijing office during 2006-2012. Patrik’s key competence lies in public affairs, sustainability issues, environmental scanning, risk analysis and message formulation. Patrik is a senior adviser at Six Year Plan and for the global public affairs consultancy network FIPRA.

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Aticka has 18 years of experience helping European companies in India with start-up, operations and business strategy, as well as leading category business at a global scale. In 2011 Aticka joined Springtime as managing director in India in 2011, and is at Six Year Plan since January 2013. Aticka is a specialist in business startups in India and building strategies on a global level, PR-planning, Public Affairs, communication management and understanding Swedish-Indian business challenges.


Five Steps to a Strategic Plan.

Aicha is the Office Manager at the Stockholm office and the contact person for all Six Year Plan meeting inquiries and other event and business arrangements.

Marit has a degree in political science from Uppsala University and has studied graduate courses at University of Connecticut. During her studies she was the vice president of one of the biggest student organizations in Uppsala with over 5000 members. She has previously worked with public relations and public affairs at different communication bureaus in Stockholm. She has also worked as a case officer at the Swedish Migration Board. She helps clients with research and analysis in a range of different areas. Marit joined Six Year Plan in September 2016.

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Senior adviser on corporate finance and global infrastructure and projects. Anders has 15 years of professional service firm experience from KPMG. As head of Corporate Finance and Global Infrastructure & Projects group, he has gained extensive experience of financial and strategic advice on privatizations, acquisitions and judicial processes around regulation and value, for corporations and the public sector, primarily in the energy and infrastructure sectors. He is chairman and partner in Six Year Plan.

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An expert relations builder, Paul advises businesses and organizations on public affairs, PR and media relations, corporate communications, China related issues and does research and analysis. Paul holds a Bachelor of Arts with a major in media and communication studies, and a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Mandarin and China studies, and has studied business administration. Paul was press officer for the Swedish participation at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, and worked in Sweden with public relations, singing and photography before joining Six Year Plan in January 2013.

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Birgitta is a top adviser to Swedish and international companies, owners and leaders on internationalization issues, public affairs, corporate communications, business development, sustainability challenges, and crisis management. An entrepreneur, she co-founded and managed one of Sweden’s leading communication agencies, Springtime, the PR-agency Sagt:Gjort and is principal owner and co-founder of Six Year Plan. Birgitta was CEO for the campaign organization Sweden in Europe, and worked as a special adviser to the cabinet office at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finance.

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Senior adviser on strategic communications, Public Affairs, PR-planning, and the Chinese market. Having worked as Head of Section at the Ministry of Employment and Enterprise, Henrik became Account Director at the European Public Policy Advisors. After that he worked at Springtime and was in charge of Springtime’s Shanghai Office. At Six Year Plan, Henrik helps Swedish as well as global corporations with strategic internal and external communications, Public Affairs and adapting to the Chinese market.