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The Dutch were deeply involved in the African slave trade and brought the trade to the American colonies.

In some places around the world, racial hatred is increasing

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“The man who ended slavery in America in 1865 was a white christian man from England.” What?
This law enables the expansion of growing segregation or "Jim Crow" practices across America, with many states codifying segregation in state constitutions and local laws and ordinances.

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He didn’t because he knew that seemingly that was the only thing the racist South Africans were willing to understand (violence)
Hey moron did you know the first slave owner in America was a black man? His name was Anthony Johnson. Go look it up and you will see black people put their own kind in chains. Now do you feel stupid?


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African Americans did not travel to the Americas willingly, on some expedition to colonize, enslave and plunder. They were stolen from their homeland and forcibly taken to what is now the US. They DESERVE what they have, and what they have is very little. They deserve much, much more. On the other hand, true native South Africans owe white European colonized who oppressed them for centuries NOTHING. Be thankful whites were not forced on an exodus out of South Africa after the fall of apartheid.

Regardless, the tensions were not fomented out of thin air, it has less to do with who is “responsible” for past events and more to do with how little is being done to repair the massive imbalance in geopolitical social horizons still very much alive today. Racism is well documented in American and African History, and the Scars are still sore. These same scars are still being pricked at by the ignorance of entire nations to recognize their role in perpetuating their privileges over various ethnic bodies for no other reason than racial prejudice.

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Thanks Laura. Most Blacks would like to omit the fact that their Black neighbouring tribes in Africa were at the front of the slave trade, capturing Blacks and selling them to the white slave traders. Daniel might be ignorant of that fact as he also seems ignorant of civility and good English, thus reverting to base gutter language with embolden print to emphasize his frustration with his inabilities to better express himself. I’m sure he could do better, if he tried.

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I lived in the Gambia, West Africa for 6 years. An enjoyable time, but what amuses me (Maybe wrongly) is that the slaves traded by the colonists were bought from Black tribes that had capture rival tribes. So basically, the slave trade was enhanced and encouraged by Black capturing and trading Blacks. Why is nothing ever mentioned of this. Oh! of course, that would be racist !!!

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Ironically, American Blacks are quite aware of the role of tribal warfare on supplying the slave trade. What American whites like to forget is that most white Europeans belonged to someone until a few hundred years ago, and might be captured and enslaved into the Byzantine Empire until the last century. The distinction between slaves and “indentured servants” wasn’t formalized until a slave (white and black) revolt in colonial Virginia made it useful to invent modern racism. In fact, Pocohantas’ village was destroyed because a bunch of white slaves ran away and took refuge there during a winter famine in the colony. In the spring, their masters demanded the return of their slaves, and when the Natives said that they had been granted refuge, their masters mounted a massacre to recapture their white slaves.

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