Being depressed as a female adolescent can have consequences in the long run in terms of social functioning, career, and enjoyment of life.

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This interpersonal relation can cause excessive worry and guilt that the women is not being a good mother as compared to the middle class mom, who can afford to stay at home and take care of the children/her family. Okazaki (1997) found that Asian Americans are more depressed in a social and academic setting because they have to face more pressure than their white American peers due to the fact that they are part of a visible minority that has different culture values than others.

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Beattie, the author of �Social Causes of Depression,� acknowledged this as a factor but did not stress its importance.
This influence could be described as responding negatively to their constant searching of reassurance and rejecting them, which in turn will "confirm" the affected person's belief that he or she is unworthy as a person.A depressed individual can impact their social settings by exhibiting a lack of self-esteem, becoming more sensitive to the opinions of others, and more importantly (and interestly), become less physically active (Lewinsohn, Gotlib, & Seeley, 1997).


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This depressive style has been shown to negatively affect other social relationships in a person�s life.
Depression in circumstances such as this can be attributed to many things, such as marital problems, difficulty adjusting to a new family member, and poor social connections being formed with depressed family members.

Beattie�s paper discusses the role of social factors leading to depression, but he does not assess genetic predispositions for depression.
Even though this is not a social factor, it is important to point it out as a possible predisposition to depression based on social factors. If one partner suffers from chronic depression, it is very likely that the other partner will develop depression as well.

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This further supports the theory that nonshared environment is important: adoptive family environments are typically nurturing and supportive, which gives no �reason� (according to the shared environment perspective) for an adoptee to develop an illness such as antisocial personality disorder. The genetic composition of human beings also needs to be considered when studying the causes of depression among individuals.

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In the large proportion of couples experiencing marital distress, at least one partner is clinically depressed, adding even more stress to the other partner (McCullough, 2003). These inter-partner problems could even lead to physical abuse.

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These concerns and worries can range from their achievements or lack of, body dissatisfaction, sexual abuse, and low self-esteem (Lewinsohn, Gotlib, & Seeley, 1997). This is reinforced when another study found that between the ages of 15-18, the prevalence of depression in girls will increase to twice the prevalence of boys (20.69 to 9.58) but will taper off during 18-21 years of age for both genders (15.05 and 6.58) (Hankin, Abramson, Moffitt, Silva, Mcgee, & Angell, 1998).Do not be mistaken that females are the only gender that that can become depressed; a good number of males can develop a unipolar mood disorder.

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This is true in capitalistic and developed countries, having its origins in the prehistoric past. Social factors and stressful life events not only cause people to become depressed but also in many cases predispose people to depression by becoming contributory stressors.