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He relied on the supernatural so much that he lost his strength of suspicion, this leads Macbeth into being tricked by the witches.

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The Christian faith takes a different view of the supernatural. and supernatural realities are either fully continuous or have a bazillion contact points. The ancients described this combo as the 'seen and unseen'. God functions in both parts of this one real existence. The Bible testifies about a God that is hidden from the created world, behind all that exists and every aspect of our lives. The 'supernatural' is the side of that reality where God is hiding away from those on the 'natural' side. Yet, because God actually walked the material realm as a material being (Jesus), our material side of reality is moved by, , and rescued by the Divine. Jesus proved we can no longer speak of the 'supernatural' as a separate realm. Jesus gave the supernatural its meaning for our lives. The supernatural is another side of as the one which operates according to the rules of physical being. The supernatural doesn't show, because .

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Supernatural beings are effective in provoking a reaction in audiences today, so it is easy to imagine how these specters would have alarmed the people of the Elizabethan era.


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What do we know about God through revelation and therefore on faith that is unknown by mere reason? Is there a difference in the depth or wealth of supernatural knowledge of God and the natural rational knowledge accessible to man's reason? There sure is. Man alone, the genius of an Aristotle or Plato, would never even begin to conceive of a God who on revelation tells us He is not a solitary person but God, God is a community. It therefore required God, revealing Himself to tell us, I am a society. So then when we reread the first chapters of Genesis and see there Yahweh saying, "Let us", get the plural, "let us make man to our image and likeness." Check it for yourselves. Way back in Genesis God began using the plural about Himself and this my friends is not polytheism. There is only one God. But this one God is a society. We are made as human beings to live with others. And how much as we shall see the knowledge of God as a Trinity of persons tells us about who God is and how He wants us to become like Him. Again what more does God tell us about Himself through revelation that we should never have known by reason alone. We know from revelation what is beyond the conception of the human mind apart from revelation that God so loved the world that He became man to become like us and one of us. With apologies for the adjective love is a simulative. Love wants to become like the one whom it loves. What mind boggling truth we believe in when we believe, as we do on faith, that the God of creation, the God of the billowing seas and the towering mountains and the stars millions of light years away, this God became a little child. What more does divine revelation tell us about God that we should never have known by reason alone? That God became man not only to become like us but in order that He might suffer and die for us. What shattering consequences follow because if God's love for us is to be the pattern of ours for Him and if He suffered and died for us, well Lord if I love you I want to, I want to suffer and die for you. No intellect, no thousand human intellects would ever conceive of a God like this unless He had vouchsafe to reveal Himself as the God who died on the cross. More still, in fact, I told my students over the years Christianity can all be locked up in monosyllable, the word more. Revelation tells us more about God then we would ever have possibly known about Him. By His revealing Himself God became man in order to teach us who He is and what He wants us to do in other words God wanted to reveal Himself as the truth become man. Moreover God revealed Himself to show us how we are to serve Him. That is why He came into the world a speechless child, infant, so that by following in His footsteps as the way we might reach the God from whom we came. More still and finally, what is there more to God's revelation about Himself then we could ever acquire by natural reason? We learn from God become man that He wants to share not only creatures, He wants to share Himself with us. So that by sharing Himself with us we might want to share ourselves with Him.

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The Holy Spirit isn't all there is to the unseen. The Scriptures testify to the existence of other spirit-beings, such as and demons. They live in the unseen realms the ancients usually called 'heaven' and 'hell', which are more accurately described as being "in" or "out" of God's direct presence. Christianity does demand that you believe in angels, demons, heaven or hell, especially not the way it's portrayed by popular culture. We could exchange comments endlessly about the many different of the Bible's portrayals of the supernatural. Yet, the Bible's authors are trying to describe the indescribable. At its core, Christianity is not really about the specific design of the cosmos. It is about a relationship with God, and about God re-creating a single world where the unseen is finally free to be seen for what it really is. (Poets and songwriters instinctively know this.) God gave the Bible's many authors these insights and experiences to things about the different angles of a reality that includes both the seen and unseen. Thus we had best pay attention.

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What is the purpose of faith in God? Or in other words what is the value of this supernatural and not merely natural knowledge of God to which because of God's revelation and the gift of His grace we have access? The purpose of our faith in God is two-fold. I just hope these conferences will not sound too much like classes in theology. I will do my best to keep them from sounding academic. But I have to step out of my own skin not to inevitably try to teach even when I want to preach. What is the value of faith? The first function or purpose of our faith in God beyond our natural knowledge of God is that everyone and not just the learned but everyone might come to know God. Secondly, that everyone might come to know God easily. You do not even have to go to school to know God by faith. Isn't that wonderful? I have talked to too many bored students over the years. Some falling asleep on me, not to know that natural knowledge makes a bloody entrance. The value of faith is that the knowledge of God is made available to everyone and easily as a child. As I tell mothers, do not wait until the psychological dawn of reason to begin to teach your child about God. Long before the reason is the dawn of faith. I watched too many two-year olders whom I asked, can you make the sign of the cross? And the mother, hovering above the child hoping the child would know. It seems about half of the two-year olders use their left hand. But most failed. The supernatural knowledge of God accessible to everyone easily, conferred because of God's grace such absolute certitude had give people even the most otherwise naturally unlearned convictions. Faith gives conviction. And you do not have to get a doctorate in theology to be sure that what you believe is true. Thank God. And finally the value of this supernatural knowledge of God is to ensure that our knowledge of Him and His will has no admixture of error, that our knowledge of God is not polluted by untruth. But that is only half the value of faith in God. The other half, and how important this is, it is as we have seen faith enables us to believe in God's mysteries which are beyond human comprehension and thus by submitting our proud intellects to the mind of God. Faith enables us to reach heaven. Faith is the, capital T, capital H, capital E, faith is THE test of man's humility. Because what God revealed about Himself is far beyond what we could ever comprehend and even after being revealed we accept on God's word without seeing how what He tells us is true.

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One of the reasons why I am disinclined to discuss extraterrestrials on this website is because alien beings can not properly be classed as either supernatural or paranormal. The probable existence of extraterrestrials does not challenge modern human scientific understanding in anyway whatsoever. The idea that other sentient beings populate the universe does not exceed the bounds of our normality – we are after all surrounded by other species of animal on this planet, so why not throughout the universe? Even the belief that extraterrestrials have visited the Earth is scientifically reasonable, given that we humans have travelled in space. Plus, when you consider the vastness of the universe, mathematics alone suggests that the existence of other [more] advanced life forms is highly probable.