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Most of these, however, have no direct interest or preparation in regards to nuclear survival.

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Surviving Steam Locomotives in West Virginia
The three known surviving, intact Martha Washington gowns are in the collections of the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association, the New Hampshire Historical Society, and the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

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Determining who is the last surviving veteran is an issue of contention for every single war.
Genealogy Trails is just presenting the available information - transcribing it from established sources (newspapers, history books, government records, etc) Many thousands of people throughout history have devoted many thousands of hours of their time researching lives and poring through records trying to determine who exactly was the "last one". It's a shame that we can't just be thankful to the men (and women!) for their service to our great country and try and honor them all equally, but this just seems to be the way of things to try and put somebody on top and heap the honors on those select few.
This webpage reflects that research - we have just TRANSCRIBED what we've found -- we have NOT written the history!
So - please - DO NOT write us trying to pick a fight about why YOUR relative isn't being recognized. Especially if they weren't truthful about their name/age/residence/service or somehow otherwise shielded their true identities. If they're not listed here, they did a good job of hiding their true identities and we cannot possibly now be expected to try and unravel the deceptions from hundreds of years ago and take your word that this is now the real truth.

What that all means is that, thank you, but please don't send us clips and snips from other websites and other research that you found while cruising the internet that claims your ancestor was denied his place in history by not being on this list.

The folks listed below are generally accepted to be "the last" of their wars based on the consensus of the historians of the times reviewing the records available at the time and which was usually based on VERIFIABLE military service under their own names.

Captain John Smith, one of the surviving original colonists, soon emerged as a prominent leader
Myriam Gurba is a self-professed “final girl” and “Mean” is her testimony: a scalding memoir that comes with a full accounting of the costs of survival, of being haunted by those you could not save and learning to live with their ghosts.

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THE LAST MAN - The Washington correspondent of the Independent Democrat says the deaths of William Hutchings of Penobscot, Maine, the past week, leaves only one Revolutionary pensioner. Through the courtesy of Judge Pearson of Nashua, chief clerk of the Pension office, I have been able to examine the records, and find the last survivor of the Revolution to be Lemuel Cook, of Clarendon, Orleans co., NY. He was born near Wolfborough, Carroll Co., N.H., which was then a part of Strafford County, and creditedto the quota of New Hampshire during the Revolution. [The Farmer's Cabinet (New Hampshire), May 24, 1866, transcribed by K. T.]

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Frederick W. Fraske, who at 101was the last U.S. Army veteran of the Indian wars, died yesterday in his home at 3746 N. Spauling Av. (Chicago,IL).
Mr. Fraske served three years and three months as a private in F Company, 17th Infantry, beginning in 1894 andhis only encounter with western Indians ended without violence.
He was assigned as a first aid man and litter bearer with the company at Cheyenne,Wyo. He sometimes recalled Cheyenne as a wild place, chiefly an unloading station for cattle, "where they'dshoot the lights out."
He had a simple explanation for the lack of shooting in his only brush with Indians. "We were all preparedfor it. That's the whole thing in a nutshell, being prepared for it. The Indians weren't bad eggs, not more thananyone else, but they've been abused. We had no serious trouble with them."
Mr. Fraske was born in Posen, Germany, and came to American in 1877 with his parents and four brothers. He enlistedin the Army on Feb. 22, 1894, at State and Madison Streets. His $9 a month pay helped his widowed mother supporther family. After his military service he returned to Chicago and worked as a painter until he was 65. He thenworked another 23 years as a plant guard before he retired. Since last October he had received part-time nursingservice at home form the Veterans Administration. He lived with a daughter, Lillian, his only survivor. [Chicago Tribune, June 19, 1973]

about Mr. Fraske's remembrances, written in a 1966 newspaper article

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Lemuel Cook
(1759-1866) - It is generally agreed that he was the last "official" surviving veteran - verifiable military service under his own name who was awarded a pension for his service. and

Individual who had a pretty good claim as the "last" veteran.... but couldn't absolutely prove it:
Daniel F. Bakeman (
c. 1760 - - Claimed to be a veteran and was awarded a pension by Congress, though he could not prove his service.