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the culture, involved in the systems advocacy performed within the battered women’s movement will be explored and critiqued as a way to assess our current abilities to do economic justice work.

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There are several problems that arise when addressing the issue of ethnic minorities and domestic violence. First, there exists the danger of overgeneralizing specific ethnic groups by saying all "African-American men do this," or all "Asian-American men do that." Doing so perpetuates stereotypes that contribute to prejudice and racism. Second, when we discuss the history of racial injustice experienced by many people of color in this country, it may begin to sound as though oppression is the reason for domestic violence. Although the effects of racism may play an important role in a man's life, it does not mean that racism is the only cause of domestic violence. Saying so only promotes the myth that men of color are dangerous, because all men of color have experienced racism to one degree or another. It is well known that the vast majority of persons belonging to ethnic minorities in the United States are law-abiding citizens. All people of color have to contend with the effects of racism on a daily basis, and yet the majority of these individuals do not beat their wives or commit other crimes. However, one cannot underplay the effects that racism may have on a particular individual. Differences exist between individuals as to how they experience and are affected by various social stressors. As a white male, I may be criticized for attempting to address this issue because, as a member of a majority culture, I benefit from white privilege and therefore know little of what it is like to be a victim of racism. Because I am white, I enjoy the privilege of being a member of a majority culture in many ways. However, because I am also Jewish, I have experienced antisemitism and therefore can also understand, to some degree, the experience of racism from the other side of the fence.


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First it is important to recognize that, to one degree or another, every person of color entering into a batterer treatment program has experienced prejudice and racism. Do not be afraid of communicating to the client that you recognize the extent to which race and racism may play a signiÞcant role in his life and that he doesn't have to protect you from his experiences and feelings about it. This issue may become most critical with the court-mandated client. He may feel that the system has treated him more harshly than his white male counterpart. He may feel that he is being victimized by white culture and the courts. Although there is doubtless some truth to the client's observation, the counselor must combine sensitivity to his feelings with helping him take responsibility for his problem with violence. One of the advantages of group counseling is that clients can see that men of all ethnic backgrounds are experiencing the problem of domestic violence and are being held accountable by the criminal justice system.

Song, Young In (1986). Battered Korean women in urban America: The relationship of cultural conþict to wife abuse. Dissertation Abstracts International, Nov., v47 (5-A), 1,883.

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No one, man nor woman, would hit anyone if they hadn't gotten themessage as a child that hitting is how conflict and stress arehandled. However, violence is not inherent to human beings and it isnot an inherently male trait. Some of Jean Liedloff's experienceswith Tauripan Indians showed that "The children were uniformlywell-behaved, never fought...and the deprecation "Boys will be boys"did not apply...In today's culture, however, a boys tenure in thewomb is probably the last he is ever likely to know of theuninterrupted state of well-being...His life becomes unspeakablylonely, unresponsive to his signals and full of pain...He kicks asviolently as he can to mitigate the tingling craving of his skin, hewaves his arms, he rolls his head from side to side to blur hissenses, he stiffens his body, arching his back with all the tensionhe can muster, to stop feeling it." From birth he is treateddifferently, picked up less often, for shorter periods of time, andis more likely to be roughed up and not nurtured. Within days ofbirth, if he's like 70% of American boys, he will be strapped to atable and genitally mutilated. As he matures, he will get constantmessages not to feel, not to cry, and to be tough. He'll be trainedto, at first, metaphorically "kill" other boys with war toys andthrough sports, then to kill men in real life. He'll see a lot ofhitting in the cartoons, then watch MTV while Bon Jovi slaps womenand LA Law as the woman often slaps her male costar. (See "".) He'll see men like Abbott & Costello hittingmen for laughs (ironically the U.S. Postal Service chose October,which is Domestic Violence Month, to honor this premo hitting teamwith their own postage stamp). He may watch his parents (whether analcoholic father, a rage-alcoholic mother or just a frustratedparent) hit one another, which is believed to be a more powerfulcontributor to becoming a violent adult than being the victim of theviolence.

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However, our culture has, in many ways, swung in the opposite direction with many women dominating and lording over the man and trying to rule him. Many women in the United States do not have a submissive attitude toward their husbands, but rather, want to do their own thing. Many women in our nation have abandoned their husbands and children for the excitement of the marketplace. Being in this arena has further divided the home and left a whole generation of children without their mothers or fathers. It is not always wrong for women to be in the workplace, but generally it is better for the mother to be at home with the children when they are young. Children no longer are being mentored by their parents, but by daycare workers, baby sitters, humanistic school teachers, and the wicked influences of the media that have brainwashed them with the evil ideas of the day. The Bible is just old-fashioned enough to advise parents to teach and raise their children. (We realize 50% of homes in America are single parent homes and some of these never wanted to be in that situation. In those cases, they must make the best of the situation they are in and pray for the Lord to help them.)