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The 1991 videotaped beating of Rodney King by L.A.P.D. officers, and subsequent riots triggered by the acquittal of the officers involved, rocked L.A. and the nation.

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Unwritten Rules
From a Sociological Perspective
Skolnick and Fyfe apply Durkheim's teaching to argue that the LAPD officers who brutally beat King, and the bystanding officers who watched, have a different set of norms and boundaries that are separate from the rest of society.

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The beating of Rodney King: the dynamics of backfire, an article by Brian Martin published in Critical Criminology, 2005
The code decrees that cops protect other cops, no matter what, and that cops of higher rank back up working street cops, no matter what." (573)

When police officers abuse their power by brutally beating an individual for challenging their authority, for example, they must have adopted the behaviour from within their organization as acceptable and expect to be protected "from the top down."

Mike Rothmiller, a former detective of the LAPD, witnessed police officers decide who was guilty and alter the reports and facts of the case to match their perception of events.


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In this case, the actions of LAPD officers could be considered out of the overall department's norms.

The officers who brutally beat King were especially aggressive and violent and these officers along with the situation were considered to be aberrant.

But because 23 other police officers stood by and failed to intervene, the situation cannot be called aberrant.

The few officers who physically participated in this beating are not lone wolves and the silence and inaction of the bystanding officers reflect the values of the rest of the police force.

When he exited the car 2 LAPD officers tazed him with a stun gun and began to beat him excessively with a baton and a third officer kicking/stomping him.

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The police did not find any guns and no one was charged with any offenses.

Jessie Larez filed a complaint with the LAPD and due to lack of a solid story and video evidence, his complaints could not be sustained.
The Beating of Rodney King
LAPD Chief Daryl Gates identified the beating of Rodney King as an "
" and essentially actions that were out of their norm.

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The bystanding officers did not agree with this account when they claimed King wasn't combative or deserved such a vicious beating.

The officers who administered the beating assumed that the bystanding officers would not report their misconduct and that they would be willing to lie on their behalf.

The officers who engaged in ridiculing King on a police computer network typing "I'm sure the lizard didn't deserve it...

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HAHA I'll let them know OK." (578) Including the officers who physically beat King and the officers who stood by were confident that their fellow officers would remain silent or lie.