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John Updike remained at his post of staff writer for ‘The New Yorker’ for two years.

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Writer John Updike's works are known for their subtle depiction of American middle-class life. His popular Rabbit series earned him two Pulitzer prizes.

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Neary, John M. Neary defends Updike from a criticism that his Christianity is cold and selfish. 21, 1 (Spring 1989) pp 89-110 [free at jstor, click "Preview" or "Read Online"].


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He on occasion abandons this setting, for instance in The Witches of Eastwick (a novel about witches, later made into a movie of the same name), The Coup (about a fictional Cold War era African dictatorship), and in his most recent work, Gertrude and Claudius (a prelude to the story of Hamlet).

His works often explore sex, death, and their interrelationship.

He's a well known and practicing critic, and is often in the center of critical wars of words, including being called one of three stooges by Tom Wolfe (the other two were John Irving and Norman Mailer).

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Wolcott, James. Wolcott says of Updike, "In his native land he blends the roles of novelist, historian, social critic, civics teacher, randy theologian, anthropologist, dermatologist, photorealist illuminator of drugstore aisle and automobile showroom (every shiny accent in place), and caretaker/pallbearer of the New Yorker tradition of scrupulous observation salted with a proper measure of irony, acerbity, dismay and regret, depending on the circumstance or site under inspection." 31 (Jan. 2009).

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Updike's poetry continued to appear in publications such as and the .The "Rabbit" Series and Other NovelsJohn Updike's first novel, published in 1959, was called .

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ed. George J. Searles. A brief biography and introduction. Also, a guide for teachers, focusing on questions of whether Updike's work is too limited in its concern with the WASP or yuppie environment, and whether it proceeds from a too exclusively male perspective. From the educational publisher .

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David Owen wrote in the "Like plenty of other golfers, I suspect, I wish that John Updike had spent fewer man-years dutifully weighing the merits of unappealing foreign novels and more reflecting on his slice." In 1999 he published a collection of occasional pieces, reviews, speeches, and some personal reflection.

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